Tales of a Wayward Nest

Sunday, a woven pile of evergreen twigs floated to our back stairs. No bird was home. Was it like the twister that brought Dorothy to Oz? Could they click their little red heels together to return?

Historia del nido veleidoso

El domingo, una colección de ramitas de pino se lanzó a nuestras escaleras detrás de la casa. Ningún pájaro estaba en casa. ¿Fue como el tornado que trajo Dorothy a la tierra de Oz? ¿Podrían hacer taconeo de sus tacones rojos para volver a su lugar original?

House sparrow nest/Nido de gorrión Photo: R. Cuningham

Rain gutter bird’s nest

wafting wayward in the wind

glad your chicks have flown.

–Rebecca Cuningham, 4/15/22


Nido del canal

flotando por rebelde

crías ya en ala.

–Rebecca Cuningham, traducción

Engineering marvel cast away by the wind… Thank you to the house sparrows for spending a month with us. I read that their eggs hatch in 12 days and the young fledge within 17 days after hatching! Have a surprise that turned out better than you thought?

Maravilla de la ingeniería lanzado al viento…Gracias a los gorriones por pasar un mes con nosotros. Leí que sus huevos maduran en sólo 12 días y los pajaritos se vuelan ¡17 días después de salir del huevo! ¿Pasó algo sorprendiente que resultó mejor de lo pensado?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

24 thoughts on “Tales of a Wayward Nest

  1. I also have birds nesting outside of my backyard porch. Their babies recently hatched and, while it’s quite noisy, they are so cute! Spring is in full bloom, that’s for sure!

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  2. It is amazing that, at least according to the birds, Spring has made it to southern Wisconsin!


  3. I’m absolutely fascinated by bird nests and the ingenuity of birds. Something was delivered to our house several weeks ago. Being lazy, I put the emptied box on the glidder on the porch. I meant to get the box cutter and come back out to tear down the box so I could put it in the recycle bin. I forgot about the box. Two days later, I lifted the flap on the box to get rid of it. Lo and hehold, “Mama Bird” House Wren had already built her huge nest and laid five eggs! Not the best location, but it’s better than the nest she built in our basement last summer and then had to figure out how to get her babies outside. Fledgling Day caused a bit of a panic in the basement, but all but one baby made it outside. We’ll see how things go with the box on the porch this year. I’m afraid to lift the flap for fear I’ll get a face full of Mama Bird. Loved your post!

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    1. Thanks for your bird nest stories, Janet! You brought them to life with your descriptions. We usually have house sparrow nests on the front or back of the house. At the end of the season I take nests to the local outdoor center for kids to learn about nature. The center seemed appreciative. 🙂


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