A Truck(er) with a Strong Personality?

Driving home this week, we saw an amusing hand painted sign on a dump truck.

Está semana, en ruta a casa, vimos un letrero divertido pintado a mano en un camión volquete.

Truck: Do Not Push Photo: E. Wedell

Perhaps I should make a run of T-shirts with this slogan?

¿Quizás debo imprimir camisetas con esta cita?

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Gracias. ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

25 thoughts on “A Truck(er) with a Strong Personality?

    1. Hi Devang,
      Thanks for your comments. Yes, the vagueness of the “Do not push” was part of what was funny to me! It could mean many different things. My theory is that the back flap is controlled by a lever within the truck. I think the imperative is because if someone pushes the flap instead of waiting for the mechanism to engage then a key part of the dump truck will break. And a dump truck with a broken closure cannot hold much dirt and the driver can’t work until it’s repaired.

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