5 Mayo: Celebrate the Victory!

Many North Americans believe the rumor May 5th is Mexican Independence Day. However, Mexican Día de independencia is September 16th (1810). What then is the origin of today’s US holiday? (En español más adelante)

In the 1862 Battle of Puebla, the Mexican Army triumphed over the invading French Empire; it was a lot like David and Goliath. No one expected them to win against the French better-supplied, larger forces; 4000 Mexican soldiers beat 8000 French. Empires can be defeated by home grown resistance!

The holiday commemorates winning the battle, although later they lost the war. So, although it is not Mexican Independence, the holiday is a rallying cry; a Remember the Alamo with a positive twist. I admire this eternal optimism, glass half-full approach to life. Their faith was warranted. In 1866, Mexico kicked out the French. ¡Viva México!

Afro-Mexican Folkloric Dancer Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

For Chicanos in the United States, Cinco de mayo is a celebration of Mexican heritage. Mexican-Americans in California have celebrated since 1863. Beginning in California and spreading nationwide, a fiesta with traditional music and dancing honors the day. In a show of strength, this vibrant display proves again each year that Mexican-American culture is alive and well.

So, go ahead and raise your glass to the red, white and green flag. ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Mexican Flag Photo by Hugo L

Take this day to celebrate your successes on the path to your goal. Savor the sweetness, even if you fall down the next day and the day after. Like Mexico, in the end, you will regain your independence, find your groove, learn how to be a closer approximation of yourself. ¡Viva México!, and long live you!

Do you observe Cinco de mayo?

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¡Olé! –Rebecca

(this article revised from the 2019 and 2020 posts)

5 mayo: ¡Celebra la victoria!

Muchos norteamericanos creen el chisme que el 5 mayo es el Día de independencia mexicana. Pero, el Día de independencia mexicana es el 16 septiembre (1810). ¿Entonces, cuál es el origen de este festival en los Estados Unidos?

En 1862, en la Batalla de Puebla, el ejército mexicano triunfaron sobre la invasión del Imperio francés; bastante parecido a la historia de David y Goliath. Nadie podía creer que podrían ganar en contra de los franceses que tenían más armas y más soldados; 4000 soldados mexicanos ganaron la batalla en contra de 8000 franceses. Los imperios se pueden derrota por una resistencia casera.

Este festival conmemora ganar la batalla, aunque más tarde perdieron la guerra. Así, aunque no es el Día de independencia mexicana, el nombre del festival levanta los ánimos; un recuerdo el Álamo con un lado positivo. Admiro este optimismo eterno, vaso medio lleno perspectiva en la vida. Su fé era justificada. En 1866, México echó a los Franceses. ¡Viva México!

Para los chicanos en los Estados Unidos, el Cinco de mayo es una celebración de patrimonio mexicano. Mexicano Americanos en California lo celebraban desde 1863. Empezando en California y propagando a la nación entera, una fiesta con música y bailes tradicionales honran el día. En una muestra de fuerza, esta exposición vibrante enseña de nuevo cada año que la cultura mexicana americana en los Estados Unidos esta viva y robusta.

Así, levanta tu copa a la bandeja roja, blanca y verde. ¡Feliz Cinco de mayo!

Toma este día para celebrar tus éxitos en camino a tu meta. Saborear la dulzura, no importa si te caigas si te fracases el día que viene o pasado mañana. Como México, al final, reganarás tu independencia, descubre tu onda, aprende como ser una aproximación más cercana de ti mismo. ¡Viva México!, y viva tú!

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¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

35 thoughts on “5 Mayo: Celebrate the Victory!

      1. Since you are French, I hope I can safely debate without offending. I disagree about “with honour.” I love the land and people of Texas, but fighting to steal land in order to make a new slave state does not make them heroes. I don’t believe in the Texas nation building myth of the Alamo.

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      2. I don’t offend easily. So no problemo. I totally agree that Texas was founded on land stealing. farmers moving in and then claiming the land. Now, once that was done, those who fought were brave. A handful against thousands. Does one compensate the other? Not sure.
        Likewise, the invasion of Mexico by France (and a few short-lived allies) was very wrong. Taking the pretext of unpaid debt by the Mexican government, France invaded Mexico, put a doomed Austrian on the throne with one single aim. Napoleon III, after the Civil War realized the growing power of America. Hence a potential threat. So the invasion of Mexico was to set a counter-weight to the growing influence of America. The rest is history. Napoleon defeated the ill-equipped Mexican Army, then withdrew his troops to fight elsewhere and abandoned Maximilian to his fate…

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  1. I’m not Mexican, but I have many coworkers who are Mexican/of Mexican descent. I got some delicious Mexican candies in the office today, and I’m celebrating modestly with some tacos and a margarita for dinner. Hope I’m doing the culture justice!

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