Have Portable Climbing Wall, Will Travel

Ever see something completely surprising as you drive along? For a sleepy little town of 250,000 people, I’d say Madison has more than its share of these moments. The one that got away last week was a motorcycle rider, dutifully helmeted, in a casing that included cat ears! Oh, how I mourn the loss of that most awesome image.

This week, I was in luck at a stoplight when I saw…

¿Has visto algo completamente sorprendiente mientras manejes? Para un pueblo pequeño quieto de 250.000 personas, yo diría que Madison tiene más de lo usual de este momentos. La fota que se me escapó la semana pasada, por ejemplo, una persona en motocicleta con casco negro con orejitas de gato. Cuánto lamento perder esta imagen espectacular.

Esta semana tuve suerte cuando vi…

Climbing Wall Trailer Photo: R. Cuningham

Boulder’s Climbing Gym often sets up their portable wall at festivals and outdoor sport events.

El gimnasio de trepar “Boulder’s” erecta su pared portable en festivales y eventos de deportes.

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Wandering Wall Photo; R. Cuningham

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Rebecca Cuningham

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  1. Woah, that’s incredible! I never knew that climbing walls could be portable. I’ve been wanting to learn how to climb for the longest time, so it’s really neat to read about this alternative, instead of having to go to the gym!

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      1. Great question Antoine, thanks for asking. On the right hand column of the blog page, there is a photo quilt of bloggers that are active on Fake Flamenco. Below that there is a blue banner that says “following fake flamenco”. If clicking on that doesn’t do it, then scroll down and enter your email address near the lowest part of the page. Bienvenido! Welcome!

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