5 Tips for New Bloggers

You’re blogging; a dream come true! What are some hints that will get your site off the ground more quickly? Five tips for new bloggers:

1. Name

Choose a site title that reflects your content, outlook or interest. An unnamed site will draw far fewer visits and follows. “Site Title” as a name looks like the blogger may be away from their desk. Check Settings in the WordPress menu to set up and communicate your cool descriptive titular phrase.

WordPress Settings

2. Schedule

You’re a busy person. Publishing content daily may not work for you. That’s okay, some very successful bloggers with over 3000 followers post articles once a week. For me, over the four years I’ve worked up to posting three times weekly. That fits my schedule. For a good article by a very experienced blogger on this topic, see Renard’s World.

3. SEO

Search Engine Optomization aka will the big G list my site in search results? I type Fake Flamenco in the search rectangle – does my blog appear in the list? Why? How can I influence the search results? Entering words in Categories and Tags under the Post Menu where you choose your publishing date will create information links for search engines. Make sure to put your Site Title in the Tags.

DuckDuckGo Search Engine

4. Prompts

Find bloggers who publish Prompts in your area of expertise. Writer? Search for writing prompts. Photographer? Join Cee’s Flower of the Day. When you follow a prompt and link to another site, it’s like going to a party. You meet potential friends and followers who share interests. It’s a good promotion for your blog and you’ll find new sites to inspire you. Whenever possible leave a comment for the host of the prompt you follow. Visit as many of the participants as you can and like or give positive feedback on their work.


Comments are the currency of blogging. Write sincerely, praise what is good, show gratitude and communicate your thoughts. Conversing with people all over the globe is great fun.

What do you wish someone had told you when you began your blog?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

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5 Pistas para l@s bloguer@s nuev@s

Escribes tu blog; ¡un sueño realizado! ¿Cuáles son unas recomendaciones para empezar bien tu sitio web? Cinco pistas para bloguer@s nuev@s:

1. Nombrarlo

Escoge un título que refleja tu contenido, perspectiva o intereses. Un sitio sin nombre atrae menos visitas y seguidores. “Título de sitio” como el nombre de tu blog parece algo sin terminar. Mira en “Settings” (Configuración) en el menu WordPress para instalar y comunicar tu tremenda frase titular.

2. El horario

Eres una persona super ocupada. Es posible que publicar artículos diariamente no funcione para ti. No te preocupes, hay bloguer@s muy exitos@s (con mas de 3000 seguidores) que publican una vez a la semana. Para mí, durante los cuatro años poco a poco fui de publicar una vez a tres veces semanales. Es lo que cabe en mi horario. Para un artículo bueno de un bloguero con mucha experiencia sobre este tema, ve Renard’s World. (en inglés)

Sueño con teclado Foto: Remedios44

3. Las búsquedas

Optimización de motores de búsqueda (Search Engine Optomization=SEO) también conocido como ¿saldría mi sitio en los resultados del gran G mayúscula? Cuando escribo Fake Flamenco en el rectángulo de búsqueda – ¿sale mi sitio en la lista de resultados? ¿Por qué? ¿Cómo puedo influir estos resultados? Entrar palabras en las Categorías y Etiquetas en el menú de tus artículos (donde escoges la fecha de publicar) crea enlaces de información para los motores de búsqueda. Asegúrate de poner el Título de tu sitio web allí.

4. Los apuntes

Busca bloguer@s que publican Apuntes en tu tema de interés. Escritores? Busca apuntes de escritura en sitios web de escritores. Fotograf@s? Júntate a Cee’s Flower of the Day (Flor del día). Cuando sigues un apunte y haces un enlace a otro sitio web, es como atender a una fiesta. Conoces a amigos y seguidores potenciales que comparten intereses. Es bueno para promover tu sitio web y para encontrar más sitios web que te inspiran. Cuando sea posible, deja un comentario para el anfitrión/la anfitriona del apunte que adoptas. Visita l@s participantes, tant@s como pueden para decir “me gusta” o comentar algo positivo.

5. Los comentarios

Comentar es la moneda de bloguear. Escribe con sinceridad, da alabanza a lo bueno, demuestra gratitud y comunica tus pensamientos. Conversar con gente de todos los rincones del mundo es divertidísimo.

¿Qué hubieras gustado saber cuando empezaste tu blog?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

57 thoughts on “5 Tips for New Bloggers

  1. Oh Rebecca thank you so much for this. I seem to have been in such a muddle. A learning one nevertheless in amongst so much planned travel. I an so pleased with the poetry experiences I have with you. I have grandchildren who speak Spanish and English. Glad that you translate our words so well. Thank you.

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    1. Thanks, Carolyn. I’ve learned about hedgehogs from a photographer in the UK, about unique snacks in South Africa and about drivers staying on the left side of the road in the US Virgin Islands to name three highlights. 🙂


  2. This is all great advice, Rebecca — especially well-thought out comments being currency.
    The one thing I never realized when I started blogging was how many great friends I would met here.
    That is the piece that I remain most grateful for!

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    1. Thank you, such kind comments. When I started I was more concerned with getting the word out about my site. Several experienced bloggers pointed out that making friendships is the name of the game and my viewpoint transformed. That is now the cornerstone for me. I am grateful for the wonderful people I’ve met too!


  3. Helpful tips for new bloggers, Rebecca. I have been at it for over two years now, and I have never considered putting my blog name in tags. Thanks for the suggestion!

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      1. Yes, thanks, Rebecca. I added it to a few published posts. How gracious of you to write that. 😊 I enjoy your creativity, translations, nature shares, and intelligent and articulate articles. 🙏🏻

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  4. These tips are very sharply worded and very helpful. Thank you! I’m really impressed that you post 3 times weekly, and have been doing so consistently since I have followed you! Your determination is admirable:)

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  5. Wise words, Rebecca! I definitely agree to your points on scheduling posts and creating appropriate tags: I used to write/schedule posts to be published twice a week, but have since dialed it down to once a week…and it’s worked perfectly well with me! As for tags, it’s important not only to create relevant ones (e.g. if you have a travel blog, you shouldn’t be tagging “cleaning supplies” or “doctor” as tags, unless they’re somehow related to the post), but also not to over-tag, as doing so can actually decrease possible engagement and traffic to your website (I’ve been told to limit up to 15 tags per post). I would also add and say that it’s critical not to solicit other blogs without even engaging with them first– in other words, don’t just find random blogs to spam comments on, to “check out your blog” when you have nothing to offer in return. That’s just tacky. Blogging and building a genuine audience takes time and a lot of patience, but it pays off in the end!

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    1. Great points from an experienced blogger. Thanks, Rebecca Yes, I’ve heard 14 is the max for tags or they detract from your search result position. Blogging friendships take time and are well worth the investment. Gracias!

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  6. I’ve read tons of blogs on similar topic, but your blog always shines. Your writing style creates a sense of belongingness. Yes, it is important to create a connection with the readers. I have some loyal readers who genuinely appreciate my work, we are even connected outside wp. Sadly, I’m also following many people who just post for the sake of it. Blogging should be more meaningful. We should not share what we want, but what other can have from it. I love your work because you care about what others think and want. The poetry challenge is genius, it creates bond. I came to know about your page through other fellow blogger. I guess, that’s what is special, if people are willing to talk about you without any person goal, that means you have touched their hearts.

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    1. Thank you very much, Devang. You have mastered the art of commenting. New bloggers can look to you as an example. Your genius is how you communicate- in this case that I am connecting with readers as I would wish to do. I appreciate your participation, thanks.


      1. I appreciate your content. I get to learn a lot of new things. I would like to know more about this blog itself. Like I’m blogging since last August and have written 55+ blogs till now, I’m very consistent and I am trying to create a content that’s easy to understand. What more should I do? Like what should be criteria to get more people read my work ? And what more I can do to improve it for my readers?

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      2. Thanks, Devang. I would say one way to move forward is to make a search for similar self improvement and exercise sites, to create a network of bloggers who are interested in similar topics (and to find out which readers seek that same content). One way to make a blog article interactive is to ask a question at the end for readers to answer. I think we will have many conversations on this topic, because there are many layers to it. But, communicating in comments and making a good connection is one of the hardest to learn and that you already do beautifully!

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      3. I swear my next blog (which is coming tomorrow) will be a unique way and will give people a scope to interact. I feel like none of the people who are following me are not health related. The difficulty with this niche on wp is people are here to promote stuff and very less credible health and wellness bloggers are available. I want to learn from people and make my content better, but I need more specific audience.

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      1. Of course, you’re so welcome!
        It’s really not as easy to start a blog as you imagine it will be before you actually start one.. and I think it’s pretty wonderful that you’ve taken the time to make such a helpful and informative post.


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