3 May Blooms

Surprise, today is about our garden, rather than the economies of the Americas. The complexities of the latter require more time for me to write. Perhaps a few will prefer this turn of events! These are the current blooms in our garden: lilac, fancy tulip and turtle head.

3 Flores de mayo

Sorpresa, hoy hablo del jardín, en vez de las economías de las Américas. Este tema complejo requiere más tiempo para escribirlo. Es posible que algunos prefieran el cambio de enfoque… Estos son las flores de día en nuestro jardín: lilaca, tulipan, y Chelone obliqua.

Lilac Bouquet Photo: R. Cuningham
Orange Tulip Photo: R. Cuningham
Turtle Head Photo: R. Cuningham

What flowers do you see in your neighborhood?

¿Cuáles flores ves en tu vecindario?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

38 thoughts on “3 May Blooms

  1. Ohhh beautiful flowers
    We have rose- blue, white, orange and yellow
    Arabian Jasmine
    Yellow bells
    Lilies pink and purple
    Alamanda- orange, yellow and pink
    And champa (I don’t know what they are called)

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  2. Beautiful flowers, Rebecca. One of the flowers I’m seeing here now are geraniums. Red geraniums are one of my favorite flowers. A downpour yesterday literally beat every petal off mine. Could have been worse. An EF-1 tornado touched down less than five miles from our house.

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  3. Gorgeous flowers! Spring time is in full bloom, and summer’s just around the corner. Looks like you have a knack for garden, you green thumb! 😉 On the contrary, I have difficulty just keeping a house plant alive, so kudos to you! Enjoy the rest of spring here! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Rebecca. These perennial plants come up every year without too much help from me! I work to keep the weeds at bay, and the weeds win each year. Rain today, which is good to keep them blooming. Peonies are next!

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  4. These are lovely.. I wish we had some of the lilac.
    We do have wisteria, some azalea, and what may actually grow into a rose bush one day.. hopefully. My plants like it when I’m involved in their care as little as possible.
    Have a wonderful evening!

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