Hey, Was that an Outdoor Rumba?

Eagle and I were three blocks away from school Tuesday afternoon when they called out, “Hey, I just saw a lawn Rumba!” I was stunned, and disbelieving. So I turned the car around to glimpse this mythical appliance. Reader, they were exactly right! It was an automatic grass cutting machine. I got out of the car to take photos to show this odd sight to the world.

Eagle y yo estuvimos a tres cuadros de la escuela el martes por la tarde cuando gritó, “Oye, ¡acabo de ver un robot aspirador de cesped!” Yo estaba abobada y no podía creerlo. Así, di una vuelta con el carro para ver este aparato mítico. Lector, tuvo razón Eagle. Era una máquina automática para cortar el grama. Salí del auto para tomar fotos para enseñar al mundo este cortacésped automático.

Husqvarna Mower Photo: R. Cuningham

When I got home I looked up the brand name. If you were liking the look and idea of this outdoor robot, well it’s about $1200-$3000! It’s cute and useful, but not happening in this household soon.

Cuando regresamos a casa, busque la marca en internet. Si tu hubieras gustado comprar un robot cortacésped, bueno, ¡vale entre $1200 y $3000! Así, es lindo y útil, pero no lo compraremos para nuestra casa ningún día pronto.

Are you tempted?

¿Te tienta comprarlo?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

This post is part of Debbie’s Six Word Saturday. Click on the challenge name for some great photos! 

Este artículo es parte de Debbie’s Six Word Saturday (6 palabras los sábados). Haz un clic en el nombre del reto para ver unas fotos maravillosas.

Automatic Lawn Mower Photo: R. Cuningham
Rebecca Cuningham

50 thoughts on “Hey, Was that an Outdoor Rumba?

  1. You see the most interesting things, Rebecca! I love how observant you all are! But no way I’m buying something like that – not only the expense but I like mowing the lawn. 🙂

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  2. I did a quick search – I guess one installs perimeter wires to protect plants that shouldn’t be mowed, The Funniest problem I saw was”conflicts with neighboring robotic mowers!!! I’m imaging turf wars and skirmishes!!!

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      1. At least, I don’t have to worry about mowing the lawn. I live in an apartment complex where a gardener on contract comes once a week to mow the lawn, water the plants, and do major tree trimming when needed.

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  3. Just shaking my head, Rebecca. I wonder how long it takes to do a big lawn. However for those of us living in Arizona (at least many of us), there’s not grass to mow, so I’ll use that money elsewhere. 🙂 Great find, though.


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  4. I’ve honestly never heard of a Rumba before, but what a convenient tool! Although the hefty price tag and the doubt of whether it can really tackle hard terrain has me hesitating to invest…all the same, it’s really cool you spotted one in the “wild,” haha!

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  5. I saw one of these in action several years ago and couldn’t believe what I was seeing! Amazing! I don’t think the Jetson’s even had one. Of course, they didn’t have any grass.

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