My Favorite June Flower

Any friend will tell you my favorite color is purple. This is a great month for iris here in Wisconsin.

Cualquier amigo te diría que mi color preferido es morado. Este es un mes bueno para iris aquí en Wisconsin.

Purple Bearded Iris Photo: R. Cuningham

The cultivar bearded iris is an elegant flower, but I like its wild counterpart.

La iris cultivada es elegant, pero prefiero su antecedente silvestre.

Wild Iris Photo: R. Cuningham

One more photo, “hey that’s not purple”… True, I like the little bee doing its work here.

Una foto más, “oye, estas no son moradas…” Verdad, me gusta la abejita haciendo su trabajo aquí.

Pink Geranium Photo: R. Cuningham

Do you have a favorite color? Which flowers do you like in that shade?

¿Tienes un color preferido? Cuales son las flores que te gustan de este color?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Cee what botanical photographers are up to. Cee’s Flower of the Day #FOTD

Ve más fotos botánicas con Cee.

Rebecca Cuningham

29 thoughts on “My Favorite June Flower

  1. I saw my first wild iris the other week, in Greece: what a lovely surprise that was. I always think of it as a late spring flower though. It’s hard to have a favourite flower. On the whole, it’s the one that I’m looking at NOW!

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  2. Iris are beautiful, and they smell heavenly. I do wish they bloomed longer than a couple of weeks every year, but I guess you can’t have everything.

    My dad was an iris breeder who specialized in purples. He had several iris breeder friends, and we spent lots of time with these men every spring when I was a kid. His best friends were Mr. Rudolph, who specialized in pinks, and Mr. Fay, who specialized in blues. They could (and did) spend hours happily discussing iris and their pedigrees. My dad kept elaborate records of the genealogy of each iris in his garden. I was practically in my teens before I realized just how nerdy and unusual my dad and his iris-breeding friends were. 🙂

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