June 2022 Poetry Challenge

Gather round, poets. We have an unique challenge for the new month; called a naani poem. Naani means: expressing one and all in the Telugu language. This form originated in India from Telugu poet, Dr. N. Gopi. A naani has four lines with a total of 20-25 syllables and no title. See the example and guidelines below.

Reúnanse, poetas. Un reto poético único para el mes nuevo; un poema naani. La palabra naani significa: expresándolo todo en el idioma telugu. Esta forma originó en la India, del poeta Telugu, Dr. N. Gopi. Son cuatro líneas con un total de 20 a 25 sílabas, no títulado. Ve el ejemplo y las pautas más adelante.

Fly a Kite/Volar un volantín Photo: R. Cuningham

Naani example

bifocals on my nose

to read or drive

I am no longer far sighted

distant memories

–Rebecca Cuningham, 6 June 2022


leer, conducir

lentes sobre nariz

No hipermétrope

memorias lejanas

–traducción de Rebecca Cuningham

The Challenge

Write a non-rhyming poem, 4 lines about something that has changed over time, in English or Spanish. Deadline: Sunday 6/12, noon CST. G-rated please. If you are a blogger, please publish your poem on your website with the hashtag #ffpoemapop and link to this page by 5/12. If you are a poet at large, please post your poem below by June 12. I’ll publish a post with your poems next Tuesday, June 14!

El reto poético

Escribe un poema sin rima, 4 líneas acerca de algo que ha cambiado con el tiempo, en español o en inglés. La fecha de entrega es el domingo 12 junio, al mediodía (Chicago). Para todas las audiencias por favor. Los escritores que tengan su propio sitio web, favor de publicar tu poema en tu blog con la etiqueta #ffpoemapop y haga un enlace a este artículo antes del 12 junio. Los escritores que sean damas y caballeros andantes, favor de añadir tu poema a los comentarios abajo antes del 12 junio. ¡Publicaré un artículo con sus poemas el próximo martes,14 junio!

¡Gracias! ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Swamp Buttercup Photo: R. Cuningham
Rebecca Cuningham

69 thoughts on “June 2022 Poetry Challenge

  1. A great blog….. I’ve read and love it. Right now, I cannot drop like and comment as it’s telling me to sign in, will share my views on it tomorrow.
    I love how you have written a well researched blog. Yes, I’ve read that Americans spend $12,530/person on healthcare. A well written blog. I love how well researched blog you write. I have tremendous respect for that.
    I wish you a beautiful day ahead, keep shining

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    1. Thanks for your message, Kim. You might write a poem of 2-5 words per line and then check your syllable count. I like counting by the “chin method,” which a favorite taught me. Speak your poem aloud with your hand under your chin with your knuckles touching your chin. As you speak, count the times your chin moves downward. Let me know if that method works for you 🙂

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  2. It took a while for my muse to get her act together, and I’m not convinced she’s cooperating fully. She’s certainly not being given house-room on my blog while I’m still in Balkans mood!
    I must have changed somewhat –
    and yet at seventy five
    don’t feel as if
    I’ve ever quite grown up

    All the same, this is an interesting form which I’ll add to the armoury. Thanks, Rebecca!

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