June 2022 Naani Poetry Challenge

Thank you poets, for your naani poems. Writers from five countries contributed to the challenge! To see more of a poet’s work, click on their byline after their poem.

Gracias a l@s poet@s por sus poemas naani. ¡Escritores de cinco países contribuyeron al reto! Para ver más de los trabajos de l@s poet@s, haz un click en sus nombres después del poema.

Acrostic Poem Photo: R. Cuningham

World Poet

Anyone may remember
Learning as a chore or days
when boredom settled in
now craving more.

Cualquier se acordaría
la encarga de aprender
o días de aburrimiento
ahora se hace falta.
–martamango (traducido por Rebecca)

~ ~ ~


I am oculus sinister
now left to see
a suddenly
monocular world
Lou Faber

Soy el ojo siniestro
que ahora solo se ve
de repente
un mundo tuerto
–Lou Faber (traducido por Rebecca)

~ ~ ~

Purple Cone Flower Photo: Rebecca Cuningham


When I was young
Burnt beans held no appeal
Now I too am exhausted
I see you, coffee
–Karen Caperton Swallen

Cuando era joven
granos de café, qué asco
Ahora, fatigada
Te veo, café
–Karen Caperton Swallen (traducido por Rebecca)

~ ~ ~


My body once supple
Now changed to brittle
Bending is now difficult
Or walking, getting up

Mi cuerpo era flexible
ahora quebradizo
Doblar, caminar,
levantarme, difícil
– Sadje (traducido por Rebecca)

~ ~ ~

World Poet

brain’s memory storage
appears works reverse
long term data remember
no notes short duration useless

Archivo cerebral
funciona al revés
largo plazo recordado
corto plazo inútil
– Quintintin (traducido por Rebecca)

~ ~ ~

Lake Michigan Waves Photo: R. Cuningham


Grey dawn is a stranger
Yet I remember
Gulls on a clay flat beach
Frost sparkling a forbidden lawn

Alba gris desconocida
Me acuerdo de
gaviotas en la playa
escarcha en césped privado

–Kim (traducido por Rebecca)

~ ~ ~

World Poet

Once the love of my life,
Your heart was my home,
Coffin became too common,
I’d bury you in my arms.

Desert Lily

Amor de mi vida
tu corazón mi hogar
ataúd ordinario, no
Te entierro en mis brazos.

–Desert Lily (traducido por Rebecca)

~ ~ ~

Feverfew Daisy Photo: R. Cuningham


Marguerites after the rain,
hungover heads heavy,
each drop, a burden.
Playthings for the wind.

Margaritas tras tormenta
gotas pesan
cabezas resacas
juguetes del viento.
–Britta (traducido por Rebecca)

~ ~ ~

Staying up to greet the dawn,
to welcome the new day –
once a pleasure,
now a curse.

dar bienvenida al día
era un placer
ahora, es maldición.
–Katie (traducido por Rebecca)

Florabunda Photo: R. Cuningham


Yesteryear’s seedlings
Budding blossoms
Overtaking fragrant memories
This year’s rose garden


Plantulas del pasado
Brotando flores
jardín de rosas
–Suzette (traducido por Rebecca)

~ ~ ~


I must have changed somewhat –
and yet at seventy five
don’t feel as if
I’ve ever quite grown up


He cambiado, supongo
a los 75 años
no me siento madura

–Margaret (traducido por Rebecca)

~ ~ ~

Let the poets know in the comments below which themes touched your heart or mind. ¡Gracias!

Deja saber a l@s p oet@s en los comentarios más adelante cuales son los temas que te tocaron el corazón o la mente. ¡Gracias!

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Bleeding heart flower Photo: R. Cuningham
Rebecca Cuningham

29 thoughts on “June 2022 Naani Poetry Challenge

  1. All poems are engaging and vivid. I like this theme of change. It encompasses so much of life and life around us.
    Thank you for the great translations. I feel they add another dimension to the poetic lines.
    Thanks for a great challenge this month Rebecca.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. It’s interesting how we’ve all interpreted Change in our own way, though several of us have alluded to the aging process. This was an engaging collection, and a fun challenge. You’re doing a lot to widen my poetic horizons Rebecca, and I love seeing our works in translation too. Definitely a new dimension!

    Liked by 1 person

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