Spanish Princess Awards 2 Flamenco Legends

Two women leaders of modern flamenco were honored last month with the Princess of Asturias award by HRH Leonor of Spain. In the Arts category, two flamenco fabulosas won the prize: Carmen Linares and María Pagés. Ms. Linares is one of the most iconic women cantaors (flamenco singers) and Ms. Pagés is a renowned dancer (bailaor) and choreographer. Both are world famous with long distinguished careers. María Pagés was the choreographer for the Carlos Saura’s Carmen (1983) movie I liked so much. Both worked with Saura for the film Flamenco (1995). (en español más adelante)

Carmen Linares Canta Photo: Lo Flamenco video capture

Never heard of this prize? Neither had I! In 1980, when the present king of Spain was 13, a foundation was created called the Prince of Asturias Award. For 34 years he was closely involved, when he became king in 2014 Princess Leonor de Borbón y Ortiz, King Felipe VI’s older daughter and heir to the throne was made honorary president of the foundation. Princess Leonor is now 16. At 18, she will be in charge of the Princess of Asturias awards.

Annually, the Prince before 2014 and now the Princess, rewards outstanding artists, athletes, humanitarians, musicians, and peacemakers both in Spain and abroad. Winners of previous years include Annie Leibovitz, Gloria Steinem, Santiago Calatrava, Bob Dylan, Susan Sontag, Pedro Almodóvar, Doris Lessing, Miguel Induráin, Margaret Atwood, Juan Rulfo, Carl Lewis, Jane Goodall, Quino, José Andrés and the World Central Kitchen, Communication: El País newspaper, and Vuelta magazine by Octavio Paz.

A small Miró sculpture and 50,000 Euros go to the winner in each category; Arts, Communication and Humanities, International Cooperation, Literature, Social Sciences, Sports, Scientific Research, and Concord (human rights, freedom, peace). There is an award for the most exemplary town in the Asturias region as well.

Congratulations to Carmen Linares and María Pagés for this high honor.

¡Olé! –Rebecca

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Carmen Linares Image: De flamenco screen capture

Princesa española premia 2 leyendas flamencas

Dos líderes del flamenco moderno recibieron el Premio Princesa de Asturias por la Princesa Leonor de España. En la categoría de arte, dos flamenco fabulosas ganaron el premio: Carmen Linares and María Pagés. Carmen Linares es una de las más icónicas cantaores y María Pagés es una bailaora y coreógrafa reconocida. Los dos son famosas en todo el mundo con carreras largas y distinguidas. María Pagés era la coreógrafa para la película que tanta me gustó de Carlos Saura, Carmen (1983). Las dos trabajaron con Carlos Saura en la película, “Flamenco” (1995).

¿Sabías algo acerca de este premio? Yo no. En 1980, cuando el rey actual tenía 13 años, crearon una fundación llamada Premio Príncipe de Asturias. Por 34 años, estaba muy ligado a los funciones de la fundación, pero después de su coronación en 2014, la Princesa Leonor de Borbón y Ortiz, la hija mayor del rey y la heredera del trono tomó la posición de presidenta honoraria de la fundación. La Princesa Leonor ahora tiene 16 años. A los 18 años, ella se hace carga del evento de los Premios de la Princesa de Asturias.

Premio Princesa de Asturias Photo: from Princess of Asturias Prize website

Anualmente, el príncipe antes de 2014 y ahora la princesa dan el premio a artistas, atletas, humanitarios, músicos, y emisarios de paz sobresalientes de España y todo el mundo. Ganadores de años anteriores incluyen Annie Leibovitz, Gloria Steinem, Santiago Calatrava, Bob Dylan, Susan Sontag, Pedro Almodóvar, Doris Lessing, Miguel Induráin, Margaret Atwood, Juan Rulfo, Carl Lewis, Jane Goodall, Quino, José Andrés and the World Central Kitchen, Comunicación: El País, y la revista Vuelta por Octavio Paz.

Los ganadores de cada categoría reciben una escultura pequeña de Miró y 50,000 Euros; Arte, Comunicaciones, Humanidades, Cooperación internaciones, Ciencias sociales, Deportes, Investigaciones científicos y Acuerdo [mira] (derechos humanos, libertad, paz). Hay un premio además para el pueblo de Asturias más ejemplar.

Felicidades a Carmen Linares y a María Pagés por este alto honor.

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Gracias a Fascinating Flamenco por publicar noticias de este premio.

María Pagés Company in Florida Photo: Ay, Carmen Video Capture
Rebecca Cuningham

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  1. That looks one great prize, and a lot of worthy winners. You’re the one that got me interested in World Central Kitchen, so it’s great to see them among the honoured.

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  2. I had no idea this award existed, but given the long Spanish tradition of the flamenco, it’s not a surprise! I had the opportunity to check a flamenco show out while in Madrid, and the passion and sadness expressed in each step, each twirl definitely evokes the pathos. A sight to enjoy!

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  3. So interesting. Oh, I love flamenco and would love to go to Spain and see it live in person. When I was a young ballet dancer, we also took flamenco–mostly because ballets, like Carmen, require castanet-playing. I loved its earthiness and fierceness, so different from much of ballet. Thank you for sharing this!

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      1. Oh, that’s wonderful for your niece! Where is she studying? I quit at 19, when I was injured. I made it as far as a trainee with the Richmond Ballet in Virginia and then I went to school. I still love to watch it, but I miss doing flamenco the most. Did you see some flamenco when you were in Spain–that would be a dream for me!

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      2. Sorry to hear you were injured. I bet dance is still very much a part of you. I did get the chance to see flamenco in Málaga my first time in Spain, which was exciting. More recently we saw flamenco in Granada. It was truly fantastic!

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