6 Flowers of Late June

The garden knows its schedule. It does not need a nudge to blossom. This time of year, I am thankful for the gardeners who tilled this earth before me. Their blooming legacy is a continual wonder of color and joy.

Red Rose Photo: R. Cuningham
Day Lilies Photo: R. Cuningham
Astilbe Photo: R. Cuningham
Clematis Photo: R. Cuningham
Honeysuckle Bloom Photo: R. Cuningham
Purple clematis Photo: R. Cuningham

I weed and I water these perennials. The rewards are great, since they enthusiastically bloom each year. Gardening is very rewarding. The weeds win each year, still, the flowers win my heart.

¡Olé! –Rebecca

This post is part of Cee’s Flower of the Day.


Rebecca Cuningham

42 thoughts on “6 Flowers of Late June

  1. Gardening is very rewarding, Rebecca! I finally covered 75% of the flower beds with bark chips with plastic lining underneath so the weed has to fight it’s way out. Otherwise, I’d spend most of my time weeding! I love all your flowers.

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  2. Such joy! I agree gardening is very rewarding. I hope we get good sunshine in coming weeks. I am still waiting for the buds to open since our June this year is more like November.


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