Care 2 Go For a Spin?

Around 1866, bicycles had wooden spokes and no brakes!

Wooden Spoke Bicycle Photo: R. Cuningham

Our local bicycle heaven exhibits classic bikes from the rafters. Have you seen one of this vintage?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

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Rebecca Cuningham

40 thoughts on “Care 2 Go For a Spin?

  1. Wooden spokes and no brakes? Perhaps with wooden spokes one couldn’t go fast enough to need brakes?? Rebecca, you are good at finding such interesting things. I love your eye!

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    1. Oh, my, the ones that look like an adult tricycle, but with only two wheels, the enormous one in front and the tiny in back?! That would be a sight to see *in use*. Please take a photo if you get the chance. : )

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  2. We actually own a penny farthing, a business expense, really, since we’re entertainers. My husband rides on it whenever we are booked for Victoria days. Good fun. I actually met my husband when he was riding his penny farthing. One sure way of getting attention….

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  3. Maybe you braked the bike by reverse pedalling. Dutch bike do this- a real danger for an English cyclist hiring a Dutch bike. In Holland I once reached for the brakes to avoid a collision instead of reverse pedalling! Scattered pedestrians like ninepins!

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  4. Bicycles with no brakes!
    Worked well in the late 1800s but in this era, it is better to stay at home instead of going out on bicycle without any brakes.


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