5 Local July Flowers

Our garden has switched over to the next set of blooms. I’m happy to see that the seed scattering I did last autumn has paid off with a larger number of pinks.

5 flores locales de julio

Nuestro jardín ha cambiado a la próxima era de capullos. Estoy feliz porque las semillas que coseché y tiré al lado del sendero de piedras el año pasado han producido una mayor cantidad de clavelina.

Pinks/Dianthus Photo: R. Cuningham

The balloon flowers nestled by the juniper have started their fireworks.

Las campanulas apretados al juniper han empezado sus fuegos artificiales.

Balloon flowers /Campanula Photo: R. Cuningham

We expand our milkweed section each year, in search of more monarch customers.

Cada año expandimos la sección de algodoncillo, en busca de mas clientes monarcas.

Milkweed Plant/Algodoncillo Photo: R. Cuningham

When we moved in 15 years ago, the hollyhocks threatened to take over our herb patch. I’ve culled them down to 4 specimens. I like their exuberant flowering (and I pinch off the seeds when each fades).

Al principio, hace 15 años, la malvarrosa puso cada otra planta en la área de hierbas en peligro de extinción. Seleccioné cuatro entre las muchas. Me gustan sus flores exuberantes (y saco las semillas cuando están marchitas.)

Hollyhocks /Malvarrosa Photo: R. Cuningham

The small flowers I’m most proud of show the work that Eagle (our teenager) and I’ve accomplished in the vegetable garden. These are our first green bean blossoms!

Hay florecitas que me dan el mayor orgullo porque demuestren el trabajo que Eagle (nuestre joven) y yo completamos en nuestro huerto. Estas son las primeras flores de habichuelas/frijoles verdes/porotos verdes.

Green Bean Blooms /Habichuelas Photo: R. Cuningham

These are the plants that have caught my eye this week. What’s making you smile in July?

Estas son las plantas que me llamaron la atención esta semana. ¿Qué te hace sonreír en julio?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

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Rebecca Cuningham

29 thoughts on “5 Local July Flowers

  1. Good morning Rebecca. I’m not sure if you require each cuarteto to be translated/translatable into Spanish. I have not done so. But I am grateful for you posts…and for you. (PS: If you’re planning on visiting your folks anytime soon, please give me a heads up. I’d love to visit in person with you…and to see their new lair.)

    Here are two cuartetos, one each, an ABBA, and an ABAB, contribution for the July Poetry challenge, with my daily poetry challenge, which I think you know is my photographing dawn or sunrise each day. Of course, I’ve included a recent sunrise shot as well. Be well, Susan

    Daily solar inspirations

    Each day at dawn’s birth a cosmic magnet pulls my heart urging my day to start with an image of sky and earth
    Through the solar curtain blooms Blood red in a still dark sky Glorious in her lair she looms Our Milky Way’s bright eye

    Susan Schaefer

    We must be willing to get rid of the life we planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.

    The goal of life is rapture. Art is one way we experience it. – Joseph Campbell

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    1. Thanks so much for your poetic contribution, Susan. I see one poem in your message here, which I love. I’ll check my email as well. Would love to see you when we visit Minneapolis this summer. I’ll keep you posted!


  2. The pictures of your flowers and the green bean blooms made me smile! I also smiled this week when we had a red gladiola bloom for the first time. Of the 60 gladiola bulbs we planted last year, the squirrels dug up and ate/carried off all but eight. I was thrilled to see that at least one of the eight had the courage to bloom. Not so sure about the other seven. Methinks they’ve all been traumatized seeing their brothers and sisters attacked! The deer are eating our wild azaleas, lily of the valley, and peonies. Every night, a creature tries to dig all the soil out of the big pot I planted a coleus in. A downpour of rain knocked all the blossoms off my lone geranium. Some years are good. Other years…. I’ll enjoy your flowers virtually. LOL!

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  3. Hi Rebecca here is what sometimes inspires me.

    Walking paths others made
    Mind and body sync in time
    Then as I write on line
    My thoughts are weighed.

    That is the best I can do today. Thank you Rebecca for being there/here.😊

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  4. I really feel bad for not reading this blog earlier. Kindly accept my humble apology.
    I love this blog a lot. It made me very very happy. I love these beautiful flowers. I would like to know what’s the temperature there and what are ideal conditions for these flowers.

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    1. Thanks for your comments, Devang. I am sure you are busy outside of your blog, responding within a day is all right. Great questions, our high temperatures are 26-32C (80-90F) in the summer. We have rain almost every week.


      1. So basically these plants can grow in that much heat. Interesting.
        We tried hollyhocks, but those were not much successful. We have monsoon already, so it’s raining almost everyday.
        I have a blog coming up this weekend. I’m sure that will interest you.


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