Weekend Sky #69

Have camp chair, will travel. Went with two good friends to an outdoor concert tonight; the Fête de Marquette. The music was great and the clouds were poised for an amazing sunset.

Madison Sunset

This is a post for Hammad Rais’ Weekend Sky prompt.

Have a good weekend?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

41 thoughts on “Weekend Sky #69

  1. Peaceful joy. HR and i went to two terrific birthday parties this weekend. One on Saturday for our four-year old granddaughter Isabelle. And another on Sunday for 75 year-old good buddy and Savannah chef Ted.

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  2. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend!!

    We are in a heat wave, so our weekend consisted of driving 50 miles into London to pick up the elderly and frail in-laws and get them back to our house. They were not at all keen, but 43C (110F) is forecast for London this week, while here in Berkshire it’s only (!) going to go to 37C (99F). The family was very worried about their safety in what are extreme temperatues for England. Mum-in-law has dementia, and the change in location is unsettling her — so things are a bit fraught at the Cheesellers Mansion!!

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    1. Oh my, how kind of you to shepherd the elderly relatives into the lesser heat. Thanks for describing the situation so well – our thoughts are with you as your mother-in-law struggles. We were in precisely that situation ten years ago.

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      1. Yes, the changes are very difficult to see, especially in a relative; the resulting anxiety of the person when their memory is failing. Glad you can make her more comfortable in the country. Wishing your family well.

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  3. You remind me to look up. The sky is always so rewarding to study, and I don’t do it often enough. In *War and Peace,* there’s a scene in which Prince Andre is looking up perforce as he lies on the field at Austerlitz, and it really makes you think about perspective, about the smallness of many of our daily concerns.

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    1. Thank you, Mthobisi! I appreciate your comments and compliment. I like how you focus on men’s style and fashion in your blog. I like when men have an artistic flair for dressing as my husband does with his outfits.

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