Summer 2022 Home Garden Tour, Part 2

The City of Oregon was the location for the Olbrich Home Garden tour this year, 40 minutes south of Madison. Many of the yards were quite large. Since it is a more rural area, gardeners have elaborate barriers against deer. Note the electric fencing in the first and second photos. The variety of plants at the first home were impressive. Look at the pepper varieties in the first image and all the heuchera varieties in the third, fourth and sixth photos.

Este año la Ciudad de Oregon fue el lugar para las visitas de jardines organizado por Olbrich. Queda 40 minutos al sur de Madison. Los terrenos eran enormes. Como es una área rural, los jardineros tienen que ponen barreras elaboradas en contra de los ciervos. Nota la reja eléctrica en la primera y segunda foto. La variedad de plantas en el primer jardín eran impresionantes. Ve las variedades de chiles (ajíes) en la primera imagen y la multitud de la planta heuchera en la tercera, cuarta y sexta.

The next house featured a pond as well. Their flamingo (flamenco in Spanish!) was particularly cute.

La próxima casa tenía un pozo también. Del arte que mostraban, el flamenco eran particularmente bonito.

The third garden was filled with folk art. Note most photos there were taken by my teen, “Eagle.”

El tercer jardín estaba repleto con artesanía. Nota que la mayoría de las fotos tomaba joven “Eagle”.

The fourth house you may have already seen in Part I of the garden tour. More beautiful landscapes next week in Part III!

Es posible que la cuarta casa de las visitas de jardines hayas visto ya en la 1a Parte. ¡Más paisajes bonitos la próxima semana en la 3a Parte!

¡Olé! –Rebecca

This is part of Cee’s Flower of the Day. Click on the challenge name for a flower show!

Parte de las Flores diarias de Cee. Haz un clic en el título anterior para ver más fotos.


Rebecca Cuningham

37 thoughts on “Summer 2022 Home Garden Tour, Part 2

      1. Thanks, Devang. It was very generous of the gardeners to host a hundred or more people traipsing through their gardens. The visitors were respectful. There were tempting raspberries and no one ate any!

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      1. Thanks, Sadje. I was making the mistake of calling them son/daughter as recently as six months ago and they corrected me. Now I stick to saying my teen. These last three years were a learning process. Thanks for being open to their point of view.

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  1. So much greenery! I can see why the gardens have to be fenced off from deer, as they’re truly a beautiful (and tempting) sight to see, haha. Looks like summer is treating you well in Madison!

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