I Would Like One For Each

We discovered a beautiful new library today in Verona, Wisconsin, only twenty minutes south of Madison. The building is a stunning prairie style design with Frank Lloyd Wright inspired touches. One of the librarians was clever with paper chains. That made for a fun decoration just across from the kid’s area.

Me gustaría uno para cada uno

Descubrimos una linda biblioteca nueva hoy en Verona, Wisconsin, sólo veinte minutos al sur de Madison. El edificio es un asombroso diseño estilo de pradera con toques de inspiración de Frank Lloyd Wright. Una de las bibliotecarias era muy lista con cadenas de paper. Hizo una decoración divertida justo al otro lado de la área infantil.

Verona Library Photo: R. Cuningham

The decoration had eight paper chain tentacles…an octopus! Her name is Octavia and she’d like one book for each.

La decoración tenía ocho tentáculos…¡era un pulpo! Se llama Octavia y ¡quiere un libro para cada uno!

Paper Chain Octopus Photo: R. Cuningham

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¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

27 thoughts on “I Would Like One For Each

    1. Thanks, Neal. I enjoyed reading and looking out the windows. I saw a middle school camp where students were aiming to send things through three hoops. They were charging around astride white sticks of some sort. Suddenly the light bulb went off above my head. They were playing Quidditch!!


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