Water Lapping Canoe, With Interrupting Loon?

Growing up, we camped on the shore of the lake and paddled canoes. Two of my favorite sounds from Up North; water lapping against an aluminum canoe and loon calls. I made a short video to give you a sense of the quiet and the unique noises of boat and bird. I never tire of their music.

Calm Waters, with Loon

Olas sobre una canoa, interrumpido por un somorgujo

Crecía acampando en la orilla de un lago y remando canoas. Dos de mis sonidos favoritos del Norte de Minnesota; olas traslapando sobre una canoa y el gemido de un somorgujo. Hice un video corto para enseñarte la calma del lago, y los sonidos únicos del barco y ave. Nunca me cansa de su música.

What are your favorite sounds in nature?

¿Qué son tus sonidos preferidos de la naturaleza?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Quiet Lake
Rebecca Cuningham

33 thoughts on “Water Lapping Canoe, With Interrupting Loon?

      1. Nothing original, Rebecca. The river that runs near our house, tumbling over stones. The dawn chorus from the nearby woods and garden. But really, who could disagree with sounds like those?

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      1. I love listening to the waves. My number one top nature sound ever: waves clicking and clacking through shingles. My happy place. Failing this, any wee songbird in my garden has the ability of bringing greatest joy and pleasure into my day with a few tweets.

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      2. Oh, no, not rain water, I meant the sea and a shingle beach. Here in Scotland there are many black shingle beaches and the sound the waves make as they run through the rocks is truly magical.

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