Thursday Doors: 25 August 2022

In the Midwestern United States, buildings that’ve rounded the century mark are considered historic. I share with you photos from Wisconsin and Minnesota.

From our getaway in southwestern Wisconsin:

Downtown Mineral Point, WI

A gem of a house I see in Madison as I walk to the grocery store:

Madison, WI house Photo: R. Cuningham

Beautiful Faribault, MN public library:

Faribault, MN library Photo: R. Cuningham

House in south Minneapolis, MN built by my great great grandfather and restored by my father:

Healy House, Minneapolis Photo: R. Cuningham

Midwestern Door Haiku

Closed door inviting

arriving guest wears a smile


–Rebecca Cuningham

25 August 2022

¡Olé! –Rebecca

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Rebecca Cuningham

37 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: 25 August 2022

  1. My hat’s off to your father and grandfather. That’s wonderful looking house. I have visited the midwest (my brother lives in Iowa) and I know what you mean about 100 years being old. Still they built some beautiful buildings. Thanks for sharing them with Thursday Doors.

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  2. GORGEOUS library!!! “Mrs. Anna Buckham gave the Thomas Scott Buckham Memorial Library building to the City of Faribault in memory of her husband. The cornerstone was laid in September of 1929, and dedication of the building took place on July 20, 1930.”

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