What in the Sam Hill Crane?

Madison, Wisconsin is habitat to several families of Sandhill cranes each year. They are tall and make it easy to believe that dinosaurs still walk among us. This species has lived on earth for 10 million years!

Sandhill crane mother & adolescent Photo: Eagle

This is part of Debbie’s Six Word Saturday. Click on the challenge name for a picture show!

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Sandhill Cranes Photo: Eagle
Rebecca Cuningham

44 thoughts on “What in the Sam Hill Crane?

    1. Thanks for your comments, Devang. Great questions; I wish cranes made house calls, but the storks that bring babies are very territorial and won’t allow it. ; ) I have seen cranes in the city in marshes and on large lawns. They are omnivores that eat grain, seeds, frogs, acorns, mice, insects, berries and even small snakes. I like your idea of a crane in a dinosaur costume! Ha ha! They would look very scary as raptors.

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      1. I’ve never seen crane in open.
        I’ve heard story that they live near pond. I wonder if that’s true.
        In Hindi they are called as saaras. ( सारस). Which somewhat sound like saures. Hence proved they are living dinosaures among us.

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      2. The cranes like places with oak trees because they like the protein-filled acorns. I am sure they like ponds surrounded by wetlands where they can find frogs and minnows. Thanks for saying the Hindi word saara; it is a lot like the saur of dinosaur!

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      1. The long neck and huge bodies kill me. Can you imagine having to fight one if it came after you?! No thank you!! LOL I don’t have bird phobias but I think I’d have PTSD after that LOL!!

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