Stuck on Page 49

Sunday, thirteen million Chileans voted on the first new constitution since the dictatorship. The Constitutional Congress worked for a calendar year on the document. In Santiago, huge rallies filling long city streets three days before the plebiscite showed huge numbers in favor of “Apruebo,” I approve. By 8 pm on September 4, the votes were counted.

Rechazo (I reject) nearly 62% (7.8 million)

Apruebo (I approve) 38% (4.8 million)

What does this mean? What happens next?

The campaign for the new constitution failed. The document may have been too long to read in one sitting and therefore difficult to absorb. The media campaign against the document succeeded. Chile will continue to use the Pinochet era Constitution until a new document is approved. (Page 49 of the title refers to the beginning of the dictatorship in 1973.) The Constitutional Congress will go back to the drawing board and try again. President Boric is quoted as saying, “Let’s all work on a constitutional process that will allow us to have a constitution that works for all of us.”

The results was disappointing, but I am hopeful for the next draft. ¡Olé! -Rebecca

Parado en la página 49

El domingo, trece mil chilenos votaron acerca de la primera nueva constitución desde la dictadura. El congreso constitucional trabajaba durante un año entero en el documento. En Santiago, llenaron calles largas con personas a favor del Apruebo tres días antes del plebiscito. A las ocho de la tarde, el 4 septiembre ya habían contado los votos.

Rechazo casi 62% (7.8 milliones)

Apruebo 38% (4.8 milliones)

¿Qué significa y pasará ahora?

La campaña para la constitución nueva fracasó. El documento era muy largo, demasiado para leer en una hora y difícil de absorber. La campaña de los medios masivos en contra del documento ganó. Chile continuará a usar la constitución de la era de Pinochet hasta un nuevo documento este aprobado. (La página 49 significa el comienzo del la dictadura en 1973.) El congreso constituyente volverá a intentarlo. El Presidente Boric habló anoche del asunto. «Trabajemos en un proceso constituyente que nos permita tener una Constitución que nos interprete a todos», concluyó.

Estoy desalucionada con el resultado, pero tengo esperanza para el próximo borrador. ¡Olé! -Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

26 thoughts on “Stuck on Page 49

    1. Thanks, Rosaliene. Very true about the powerful minority controlling the press in this case. I think it amazing and something to be very proud of that the wishes of the people have been carried into action this far. Still hopeful for a new constitution in the near future.

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  1. Ah, that’s a way higher disapproval rate I expected it to get. I’m hopeful this means the next draft will have a chance to address all of the progressive points while making it more concise and readable – something more of the population can get behind while still addressing the main issues of the Pinochet constitution

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  2. Disappointing as the results were, you do have to admit that over a third of the country voted to approve the new Constitution, so that’s saying something! Progress is slow, but through this experience, perhaps it’ll lead to a win in the next election!

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  3. It’s sad that sections of the media can have such a hold on the democratic process, choosing what to publicise and what to supress. That’s what happened here during the Brexit referendum. I have little hope that things are going to get better.

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    1. Yes, I agree. The Brexit example is a good comparison. The Chilean news is quite dominated by the media controlled by the former president Piñera. I saw four Chilean papers online with the same title and story about the meaning of the Rechazo. Worse, the Spanish newspaper of record, El País carried the same article!

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