Welcome to 2 Winged Visitors

Our weather has reached a pre-autumn sweet spot where the nights are cool (50F/10C) and the days are warm (70F/21C). Today I rediscovered the portion of the garden behind the garage and can see it is time to cut back the low-mow grass. This afternoon I removed the weeds I do not want to spread and tomorrow, who knows? I may change the vertical protuberance of the green.

I walked around looking for pollinators to photograph. I wasn’t disappointed. See this Saturday’s post for a roll call. I saw two winged migrators; a monarch and what I believe is an evening grosbeak or yellow throated warbler? I also spotted an enormous bumblebee enjoying the asters.

Monarch on Ironweed Photo: R. Cuningham
Evening grosbeak (?) Photo: R. Cuningham
Bumblebee on an Aster Photo: R. Cuningham

We love having visitors to the garden.

¡Olé! –Rebecca

This post is part of Cee’s Flower of the Day. (A is for Asters!)


Rebecca Cuningham

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