7 Best Bloggers for Latino Heritage Month

Latino or Hispanic Heritage Month began September 15th and it will continue until October 15. This time of year is full of independence celebrations in Latin America; Mexico’s was September 16 and Chile’s September 18. Which bloggers provide authentic information about Latino heritage? These are my go-to websites to learn more about Latin American culture, politics, history and current events.

1. Repeating Islands: Ivette Romero keeps her followers up to date on the most recent art, literature, and culture events concerning the Caribbean. Always spot on, finger on the pulse of the modern Caribbean world; which extends from the islands to New York and London.

2. My Slice of Mexico: Irene is an amazing chef, and she shares her tasty Mexican recipes with great hospitality. She’s very knowledgeable, educating readers about Mexican culture and history.

3. #iamenough: This website is dedicated to supporting Afro-Latinas and affirming people can be Black and Latino/a! “A digital storytelling platform, devoted to amplifying the narratives of Afro-Latinas, one day at a time.”

4. Mi Blog es tu Blog: This is a humorous look at how Latino culture is perceived from the outside and from the inside. A new conscious-raising favorite. Very funny articles on the ridiculous commercialization of Latino Heritage month; NFL with an Ñ?

5. She’s dominican, she’s a thinker (bilingual): Forthright articles about race, culture and womanhood. This week there’s an excellent post interviewing an Afro-Latina math teacher.

6. Hip Latina: News about Latino actors and musicians. Great book recommendations on history, culture and literature.

7. Voz de mujer y de poesía: For Spanish speakers; Memorable poetry by a talented puertorriqueña writer.

These are sites that inspire and enlighten. Let us know in the comments which from the list you visit!

Gracias, Rebecca

Universidad Nacional de México (UNAM) Library Photo: Roadmr
Rebecca Cuningham

28 thoughts on “7 Best Bloggers for Latino Heritage Month

    1. Hello Qonyike, thanks for your comment. In many ways they are synonyms, except their use can generate strong feelings in people with heritage from Spain or the Americas, and be mutually exclusive self definitions. I’ve noticed that there is often a generational divide. Our Mexican American friend who is the age of my parents prefers the word Hispanic. Our friends who are younger often prefer Latino. The newest generation of adults likes the fluidity of Latinx. Here is a previous post where I talk about this term: https://fakeflamenco.com/2020/10/15/eva-longoria-and-hispanic-heritage-month/


  1. I already dip into My Slice of Mexico, and I’ve had a glance at all your recommendations, which I’ll also dip into. My new rule is No More New Regular Followings of Blogs. It’s getting to be a full time job! Repeating Islands is one I’ll make an effort to drop by to very often.

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  2. Yes, I keep hearing about Latino Heritage Month, especially through work (in which my department is about 50-70% Latino!). What a great way to celebrate with learning more about Latino culture, so thank you for sharing some resources with us!

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    1. Thanks, Rebecca. Yes, LA has great diversity; cool that your work reflects that. I loved how diverse the cities were in Oakland and in Austin, Texas when I lived there. Madison is improving in that way each year. Hope you enjoy the links.


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