What the Hail is Going On?

That’s a Texan phrase. Tuesday it came to mind as I heard plink plink plink on our metal roof and looked outside to see ice balls pelting through the rain. Large marble sized frozen precipitation plunked onto the roof and sidewalk during the deluge. I think this is the tail end of Hurricane Fiona that did so much damage in Puerto Rico. Wish they could have received little ice spheres instead.

Hail on the Concrete Photo: R. Cuningham
Leaf me a couple hailstones Photo: R. Cuningham

Miraculously, during the hailstorm no roofs, cars or creatures were harmed.

Does it hail in your city?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

This post is part of Debbie’s Six Word Saturday.

#6WS  #sixwordsaturday

Hailstone Photo: R. Cuningham
Rebecca Cuningham

39 thoughts on “What the Hail is Going On?

  1. Hail is pretty much non-existent here in Los Angeles, although in recent years, we have been witnessing a rare hailstorm during wintertime (global warming, much?). Super unusually for us, but I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone!

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