Maybe Just a Nibble Before Lunch

I was rinsing organic chard before adding it to a quesadilla for Eagle’s lunch. As I patted the leaves dry, I saw something had dropped into the sink. A gray dot. I looked again and it began to stretch out.

Lunch anyone? Photo: R. Cuningham

The tiny horns of the one cm long Gastropod mollusk emerged. Even though they took their one cm shares of the wonderful produce my friend had given me from her garden, I must say I find tiny slugs cute. I was curious about how they sense their environment, so I put an apple core 6 cm away from it. Within seconds it began to slide toward the apple. Was it the scent? According the the University of Minnesota gardening site, slugs have “eye spots” in one pair of feelers and a sense of smell in another set. The feelers look like horns or antenna. Both senses were put to work to locate the fruit.

Funny how I find these creatures to be a pest in my garden, but kind of cute in my kitchen. Do you have examples of this in your own life?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

This post is part of Debbie’s Six Word Saturday.

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Rebecca Cuningham

34 thoughts on “Maybe Just a Nibble Before Lunch

      1. No!
        That’s really rare here.
        However, we do have leeches, chameleons, birds(regular ones), bees(of various kinds), squirrels and butterflies (regular ones).
        I’ve saw snails in nursery, but not here.
        Earthworms are more common in rain. 😁

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    1. Thanks, Janet. I agree completely. A chipmunk nibbled our car’s electric system one year while we were out of town. It was a very expensive repair. We knew which chipmunk it was by the scorched tail!


  1. I get loads of slugs in my garden, especially when the weather has been wet. It’s annoying when I touch one by accident as I’m not keen on the feel of them. And then sometimes if I leave the patio door open they sneak into my house!

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