Singing Softly 2 Cranes 1 Afternoon

We’ve had good luck seeing cranes in the past five years in Madison. Learning where in the city they nest is part of the equation. However, getting near enough to take a crisp picture has been more challenging. I rarely carry my camera with the close up lens. So I thought of an unique strategy; singing.

I started approaching them humming softly to let them know I was a friend. Then I started to sing the words and tune that sprang to mind. Here’s my reasoning. Cranes are not small birds. They are 1.25 meters tall. I wanted them to relax so I could get closer safely. I made up a simple four note tune and repeated it.

The result; I got the nearest I’ve ever stood to a wild crane!

Dancing with Cranes Photo: R. Cuningham

I believe they’ve flown south for the winter. Perhaps I could write them a welcome song for next spring.

¡Olé! –Rebecca

This post is part oDebbie’s Six Word Saturday.

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Rebecca Cuningham

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