Magic Oak that Holds up the Sun

Today I’m participating in a new photo prompt, Whatsoever is Lovely by Xingfu Mama. I had an excellent walk this afternoon at Cherokee Marsh. It was not the longer, farther away stroll I had planned with friends at Lake Farms Park, but I exercised and it felt good.

The end of the day light was golden and warm. A gnarled oak looked like the Atlas of the sun. I was happy my phone’s eye could look where I could not dare gaze.

Atlas of the Sun. Photo: R. Cuningham

I love cattails. I can feel the seed fluff between my fingers still from my childhood years. Nature rewards us for spreading her seeds in autumn in so many clever ways.

Cattail Marsh. Photo: R. Cuningham

Seeds wave in the wind awaiting the hungry mouths of creatures with four small paws or two wings. Harvest for winter sustenance.

Prairie Seed Photo: R. Cuningham

Thanks for walking with me today.
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¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

28 thoughts on “Magic Oak that Holds up the Sun

  1. A nice little challenge, it is! That first shot of the Atlas of the sun looks brilliant, and I could see it winning some photography awards! Your photos really capture the essence of fall!

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