Is This Sign Needed in Winter?

The sign made me laugh. I wasn’t tempted to swim; I saw it when it was 0C and snowing… Some midwesterners go for a polar plunge in the winter, not I.

Dangerous Waters Photo: R. Cuningham

Non Swimming Hole. Photo: R. Cuningham

Have you swum outdoors when the temperature is under 0C (32F)? I have not and it’s not in my plans. 😄

For my analytical readers, the waters are dangerous here because of motorboats, in warm weather. 😉

¡Olé! –Rebecca

This post is part oDebbie’s Six Word Saturday.

Rebecca Cuningham

27 thoughts on “Is This Sign Needed in Winter?

      1. I think it’s the costume that puts me off. A Muslim woman is supposed to be covered all over, arms and legs so swimming in a Muslim costume can be very restrictive. Besides we live in a city that’s not near a water source.

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      2. Yes, I can see that would be a barrier. I have noticed Muslim girls swimming in our town wearing a suit that is similar to a wetsuit, with a hood hijab, long sleeves and covered legs. It might feel less buoyant when trying to swim laps or learn to swim, however. How are you feeling? Are you beginning liquid food?

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  1. After discovering that the Pacific Ocean washing the Southern California shore is colder here in summer than the warm Atlantic tropical waters I was used to, I no longer go swimming at any of our beautiful beaches. Swimming during winter time would be unthinkable!

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  2. I know this isn’t what you are asking, but in ski country there are many heated outdoor pools. A couple of times in Colorado I swam outside when it was way below freezing. but the water was warm 🙂

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