Happy Thanksgiving, Dear Readers!

My gratitude for this great year communicating with you. I enjoy our conversations in the comments and what you teach me in your posts. I appreciate your unique way of looking at the world.

Two wild turkeys in Madison

By the time you read this, my cooking journey will have begun; gathering ingredients, making the quinoa stuffing, priming the oven. Busy, creative and fun.

This year as ever, I am thankful for our feast, friends and family.

May today be a blessing to you, whether it is a holiday or simply another Thursday.

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

56 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving, Dear Readers!

    1. Thanks for asking. Since 2006, we’ve hosted a group of friends each Thanksgiving. I cook the turkey, make quinoa stuffing, and gravy. I set up hot apple cider with cinnamon and clove (hot apple juice to all you Brits out there.) This year 8 friends came over for dinner plus we three made 11. 🙂 They brought cranberry relish, green beans, Bolivian humintas, apple crisp, apple cranberry pie, and I chipped in butternut squash since our sweet potato dish friend was absent this year. Humintas are a yummy corn dish similar to cornbread, with corn flour, whole kernels of corn, anis and cheese. Eagle and I do the traditional Gobble Gobble song. Then we feast. After we’ve eaten dinner, we go on a walk as a group. When we return, we eat desert.

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      1. Thanks for this! I love when food from different cultures are contributed to the meal. As we reconsider the mythology around the First Thanksgiving, the core idea of sharing our lives over a meal remains strong.

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  1. Happy belated Thanksgiving. So nice to remember the things youre grateful for, and to mention them to remind others to be grateful too.

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