December 2022 Poetry Challenge Poets

Tis the season to count blessings. I am thankful to get to know the poets who’ve participated in the poetry challenge. The dodoitsu was a new form for most of us. I like the poems you created using this Japanese style syllabic form. Thanks to the regulars and to the new participants! This month we have 14 poets from 7 countries. As always, everyone has a chance to be first; published in the order they were received. Ready readers?

Es la estación de enumerar bendiciones. Estoy muy agradecida de conocer a l@s poetas del Reto poético. El dodoitsu era una forma nueva para la mayoría de nosotr@s. Me gustan los poemas que crearon usando esta forma. Gracias a los y las poetas frecuentes como a los nuevos y las nuevas. Este mes tenemos 14 poetas de 7 países. Todo el mundo tiene la oportunidad de salir primero como siempre; están en el orden recibido. ¿List@s lectores?

Tenney ice, Madison. Photo: R. Cuningham


The last apple of autumn
clings to the now leafless branch
denying winter’s approach
yet the pie crust waits.

–Lou Faber

La última manzana se
queda en rama vacía
prohibiendo el invierno
espera el pastel.

–Lou Faber (traducción por Rebecca)



Joni Mitchell’s refrain plays
River to skate away on
Like a lion’s roar, ice cracks
Eagle gets a fish!

–Susan Schaefer

Canción de Joni Mitchell
Río en patines de hielo
roto ruge de león
¡Águila con pez!

–Susan Schaefer (traducción por Rebecca)


Harvesting a year

Trees stretch bare knees towards suns,
salute change. Endings begin.
Frost covers loss with crystals.
Sugars rush. Souls feast.

–Britta Benson

Cosechando el año

Rodillas expuestas al
sol, saludando el cambio
los fines, la escarcha, almas
de festín dulce.

–Britta Benson (traducción por Rebecca)

Squirrel Highrise. Photo: R. Cuningham


Such dull December’s Winter
 Yet filled with God’s splendor warmth
 Furry animals hidden
 Delicate cold breath
– Luna B.

Invierno tedioso
Esplandor, amor de Dios
Animales durmiendo
Aliento bien helado

– Luna B (traducción por Rebecca)



Harvest’s over, fields are bare.
At the margins, harvest’s here –
Berries black and white and red.
Feasts for birds. Yipee!

Cosecha hecha, campo hueco
Quedan en los márgenes 
Frutas de tres colores
Festín de ave ¡Hurra!
–Margaret (traducción por Rebecca)


Waiting for the cold season
Woolen woolies all ready
Stash of crunchy nuts ready
The temp is still warm 

Esperando el invierno
Lana abrigada lista
Nueces almacenadas
¿Dónde está el frío?

–Sadje (traducción por Rebecca

Blue Bungalow with Reindeer Photo: R. Cuningham


Very late buying presents
I rush to the internet
others plan a postal strike
Bring on the reindeer!


Tarde con los regalos
De prisa por internet
¿Huelga de correo hoy día?
¡Trae los renos!

–Kim (traducción por Rebecca)


The earth now turned and barren,
The bounty of harvest done,
Except a row of parsnips,
Sweet for frosts first kiss.

La tierra arada y yerma
Cosecha terminada
Salvo fila de nabo
Buscando besos.

–Greg (traducción por Rebecca)



rainclouds laden with dark guilt
pour out their woes in buckets
earth takes it in through one ear
and out the other

Nubes llenas de culpa
Derraman sus penas, van
Por oído terrenal  
fuera por otro

–Sangeetha (traducciónc por Rebecca)

Bubbling Clouds Photo: R. Cuningham

Spirit Nature

spirit capacitors ohm
crown root chakra electric
mind-body switch resistors
energy outlets

–Suzette Benjamin    

Capacitor ohmio
Chakra de la corona
Mente y cuerpo cambian
Energía arde

–Suzette Benjamin (traducción por Rebecca)


World Poet

Snowdrop drizzle enchantments
Mimics natures creation
Sing, dance, and swirl in snow~Stop!
Snow machine just crashed
– Destiny

El mimetismo

Bolas de nieve hechizas
Miman lo natural
Bailan en la nieve, ¡para!
quitanieves rota

– Destiny (traducción por Rebecca)



Playing in the Rain
Atmospheric river storm
Twenty six mile per hour winds
Tall redwood triplets frolic
Ancient wisdom: Play

Jugando en la lluvia

Tormenta atmosférica
Vienen vientos fuertes y
trio de árboles altos
Juegan los sabios

Sylvia (traducción por Rebecca)


Sky story!
Thunder thrummed, got the beat,
Clouds flared and water hurled.
Sadness of the sky is lost,
Rainbow ride on

Cuento celeste
Trueno, encontró su ritmo
Nubes, su agua tiraron
Tristeza ya pasada
Llega el arco de iris

–Vidah (traducción por Rebecca)

Mural by K. Maxwell Photo: R. Cuningham

Thanks for supporting these wonderful poets! Please comment on their work below. See you in the new year for the January 2023 Poetry Challenge.

Gracias por apoyar a l@s poetas maravillos@s. Favor de comentar sobre su trabajo abajo. Hasta el primer Reto poético del año nuevo, en enero de 2023.

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

55 thoughts on “December 2022 Poetry Challenge Poets

      1. Just a friendly suggestion!
        This time you can try a Poetry challenge about new year.
        What does new year means and what it signifies. It will be great to see what poets think of this and how they portray their thoughts. It’s just a suggestion, nothing else 🙂

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  1. Thank you Rebecca for this month’s challenge. Every poet did a great job and presented a unique perspective to your prompt…oh Wow.
    Well done to all. 😊
    I love your translations of the poems. You are ever diligent to retain the poet’s tone of voice…well done! Gracias, Tu trabajo nunca es en vano”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. How fabulous! So many different thoughts here, painting such vivid and evocative pictures for the season. Thanks Rebecca, for encouraging our creativity. And a happy Christmas to all participants and readers of this blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comments, Margaret. You are such a lovely poet and blogger. I appreciate you very much. I’m sure all the bloggers and participants who celebrate Christmas will enjoy your warm greetings. I’d like to tip my hat to all the Hindu, Muslim, and Jewish bloggers as well. Hope everyone has a wonderful end to the year. 😀

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  3. OK, I just did a thing (as Gen Z would say). I randomly selected four lines from your Spanish translations, put them together as a poem, and translated into English using Google translate.

    roto ruge de león
    rodillas expuestas al
    buscando besos
    por oído terrenal


    broken lion roars
    knees exposed to
    looking for kisses
    by earthly ear

    If I remove the last word of line 2, I rather think it makes an interesting little poem:

    Broken lion roars
    knees exposed
    looking for kisses
    by earthly ear

    No, I’ve not been sampling the bottle of Jule Aquavit that is sitting in our dining room!

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  4. What a delightful collection! And such variety:
    “postal strike
    Bring on the reindeer!”

    “woes in buckets .. one ear
    and out the other”

    “spirit capacitors “

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