6 Wisconsin Ways to Speak Snowly

Grainy, fluffy, icy, crunchy, wet, slushy. Each day a different texture of precipitation. New poem about after our snow day Thursday.

Peaceful eyes

snow falls from skies

flakes scattered

idyllic patterned

window gazing

poetry mazing

shrieks of delight

white mid-calf height

snow day is here

bundle in warm gear

sled down a hill

wee ones will

crystals reach the ground

bliss in deep drifts found.

–Rebecca Cuningham

Clumps of Snow Photo: R. Cuningham

Have you experienced a snow day? Few companies and no schools in session…

¡Olé! -Rebecca 

This post is part oDebbie’s Six Word Saturday.

Rebecca Cuningham

31 thoughts on “6 Wisconsin Ways to Speak Snowly

    1. Great question, Wynne! Very discerning eye. Yes, I took the photo from my parked car. For my intermediate photography, it’s difficult to capture a sense of falling snow. I realized the snowy windshield would help frame it.


  1. If only Los Angeles had snow! Here, we only have dry, dry, and dry to describe our weather. Haha, but it’s all good! Wishing you a beautiful winter wonderland of a holiday season, and stay warm!

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