New Year’s Poetry Challenge

Happy New Year!

Hope New Year’s Eve was just the way you like it; noisy glitz til dawn or peaceful evening not quite til midnight. Blogging friend Devang from India had a good suggestion for this month’s poetry challenge; write a poem about New Year’s traditions in your country.

A cork sent flying

hunger no canapé can fill

a toast to words we’ve oft forgot

midnight in Times Square.

–Rebecca Cuningham, 1 January 2023

If you do not follow your country’s traditions, write about what the new year means to you.. We will write 5–7 lines of free verse for either subject. Rated G please. Please place your link or poem in the comments below by January 8th at noon Chicago time. I’ll publish a post January 10th with your poems and the translations.


creases in the page

that may hold ink

like footprints in the snow

encircling birdseed

a feathered thought

soaring for the trees

the curve of a half note beak fills with song

–Rebecca Cuningham, 1 January 2023

Great to see you! Let’s see what our poetic nets capture today. ¡Olé! –Rebecca

¡Feliz año nuevo!

Espero que hayas pasado la Noche vieja tal como te guste; ruidoso con brillo hasta el alba o noche pacífica hasta casi la medianoche. Amigo bloguero Devang de la India tuvo una sugerencia buena para el Reto poético este mes; escribe un poema acerca de las tradiciones del año nuevo en tu país.


un corcho volador

antojitos que no satisfacen

un brindis a palabras olvidadas

medianoche en Times Square.

–Rebecca Cuningham, 1 enero 2023

Si no sigas las tradiciones de tu país, escribe acerca de lo que significa el año nuevo para ti. Este mes escribiremos 5 a 7 líneas de verso libre. Para todas las audiencias por favor. Pon tu enlace o poema en los comentarios abajo antes del mediodía el 8 enero (Chicago). Publicaré un artículo el 10 enero con sus poemas y los traducciones.

El alba

impresiones en la página

que esperan tinta

como pasos en la nieve

ofreciendo semillas a pajaritos

un pensamiento emplumado

volando hacia los árboles

la curva de una nota que un pico se llena con música
–Rebecca Cuningham, 1 enero 2023

¡Qué gusto verte! Veremos que capturemos en la red poética hoy. ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

55 thoughts on “New Year’s Poetry Challenge

      1. My new year’s was wonderfully relaxing – not sure that makes for interesting reading. 😁 I will most definitely enjoy the work of others and learning about traditions. 😊

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  1. Hmm, I was looking at the chorus to the song I posted, and it is 13 liens and doesn’t really match the challenge, and maybe not free verse (it is a song) but… Anyway, here it is, the chorus to The New Year’s Song:

    Next year it will be better
    I promise
    Things will turn out alright

    The clouds will blow off
    Don’t you worry
    And the sun’ll be so bright

    Put some hope in the world
    I implore you
    Keep up the good fight

    We’ll push on together
    Into the

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      1. Well, I said “Next year”, so that might be 2024… lol, yeah, looking at the world it is a hard promise to keep. This was supposed to be part of a song I recently wrote that ended up 100% instrumental.

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  2. Oof! I started something, then popped it away and rather forgot about it. I’m just in time to squeeze under the wire, I think.

    Dull December. Find
    warm pyjamas,
    a hot water bottle and
    a favourite book. Retire to bed and
    sleep. Wake up renewed
    In January.

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