Whatsoever is Lovely: Tropical Flowers

Temperatures outdoors were at freezing, so yesterday we escaped to the tropics for an hour at Olbrich Gardens.

Orange Bromeliad Flower Photo: R. Cuningham
White tropical flower. Photo: R. Cuningham
Jamaican Poinsettia Photo: R. Cuningham

What will your New year’s poem be for Sunday? Olé! –Rebecca
This post is part of Xingful Mama’s Whatsoever is Lovely and Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Rebecca Cuningham

34 thoughts on “Whatsoever is Lovely: Tropical Flowers

  1. I used to wonder why all the writers of a certain era seemed to know each other. Now I see that bloggers from Wisconsin to France are doing Cee’s ‘Flower of the Day’ and wonder, How do you all know each other?

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