Hidden: Three Little Birds

Monday as we explored the Boltz Conservatory, there was a lot of tweeting going on. At first we thought it was a recording, for atmosphere. Then Eagle spotted the singer. See the bird? We didn’t either, at first.

See the Birdie? Photo: R. Cuningham
Bird close up Photo: R. Cuningham

Next, Eagle spotted a guinea fowl.

Guinea Fowl. Photo: R. Cuningham

We all saw this larger canary. Such a pretty song!

Yellow canary Photo: R. Cuningham

Next time it would be worth bringing binoculars. Spot any birds this week?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

29 thoughts on “Hidden: Three Little Birds

  1. How sweet! We currently have a yard full of enthusiastic cardinals, a few woodpeckers, and a barn owl that likes to drop in. They entertain our cat, which then entertains us.. 🤭
    Stay safe and have a beautiful weekend!

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