Has this Sign Changed your Mind?

On a walk near Lake Monona over the weekend, I passed this sign. I took a photo, since I thought you might be curious to see it.

Stop…speciesism? Photo: R. Cuningham

I’m so curious about readers’ stance on specieism… Wasn’t completely sure on the definition, so I looked it up; Thinking that one species is more important than the others… Hmm, cats can be rather selfish. Alligators are very me, me, me. What other species might they mean? Oh, we humans?

That little scorched earth world domination thing we have going on? Yes, that is a problem.

What’s your favorite species?

    ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Part of Debbie’s Six Word Saturday.

Rebecca Cuningham

48 thoughts on “Has this Sign Changed your Mind?

  1. It’s not so much that I have a favourite species, but I do have a few un-favourites. I mean, what IS the point of horseflies? They’re not even remotely irreplaceable in the food chain, and all they do is give grief to horses, cattle and humans alike.

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    1. Oh, don’t mention horseflies! We were on holiday in the Hebrides last summer. We went for a walk on Jura. A local man warned us the ‘clegs’ were out and we’d get bitten. Not knowing the local dialect we thought clegs must be midges, as Scotland is famous for those little pests.
      But NO! We soon found out that clegs are horseflies. Hundreds and hundreds of them. We were driven back from our walk.!

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  2. Huh, funny. I would have had to look it up too so I’m glad you provided the definition. The problem seems to me to be that it’s always hard to “stop” a habit or trait so perhaps promoting what we should do instead might be more effective….

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  3. Well, on the flip side, I would much rather NOT prefer bed bugs: after encountering them a few times on my travels, they bring nothing but misery and disgust to our lives– not to forget ruin the entire trip! They can go extinct, thank you very much!

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      1. Well, “speciesism” means favoring one species over the others. I imagine that someone tired of human arrogance, meant to give the world a message to think upon with this bumper sticker. But they weren’t very clear in expressing what they wanted instead of humans believing humans are the only species worth saving. I’d say this defaced sign is a failed protest because it changed nothing; changed no minds, helped no additional species survive humans’ reign of terror on the earth.


  4. My favourite species would be any and all of the dodolpin species, including Orcas. Clever and fun loving!

    We’ve had several encounters with dolphins in the Azores, and also Orcas around Vancouver Island. What is impressive is how much they like to interact with us humans. We really don’t deserve it….

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