Whatsoever is Lovely: Marsh Geese

Family walk on Saturday at Cherokee Marsh. Geese having a party on the waterfront. I’d say there were 400 out there! Most of the dark smudges on the white part are the birds. Honk honk!

Geese at Cherokee Marsh. Photo: R. Cuningham
Frozen marsh Photo: R. Cuningham

The icy marsh looked so rustic and beautiful. It lifted our spirits.

Where are you walking this week?

    ¡Olé! –Rebecca

Posted as part of Xingful Mama’s Whatsoever is Lovely Challenge.

Rebecca Cuningham

21 thoughts on “Whatsoever is Lovely: Marsh Geese

  1. Lovely photos.
    There is a farm shop near us (Sussex, UK). We are planning a walk there later in the week. It starts at Pevensey Castle, which is the first one built by William the Conqueror when he’d conquered England. It’s close to the place he landed. (Incidentally, it wasn’t Hastings where he landed, nor where the famous battle took place.)
    It’s about a 30 minute walk to the farm shop. We cross the Pevensey Levels (which used to be a salt marsh until drained) and alongside a river, then cross a couple more fields.
    The path is one of Britain’s long distance paths and is called the 1066 Way. It is a 31 mile path that follows the route the Normans took.
    Lots of wildlife to see, too.

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