Too Much Time on His Hands

We stopped at a gas station halfway between Duluth and Minneapolis on the way home (see Tuesday for the Duluth story). After our pit stop, there was a car parked by the front door that caught my eye.

Red Handprints Photo: R. Cuningham. Art Car by Dan

As I took photos, the owner walked out with his drink and chips. I complimented him on his art car. He was happy for the comment and said I “had to see the back!” Sure enough, it was right on theme.

Blade Runner Photo: R. Cuningham
Dead End. Photo: R. Cuningham

We introduced ourselves. Dan told me he was bored one day and started painting his car. (The artist’s legs are portrayed to the left in the photo.) I smiled wondering how long it took to clean the red paint from under his fingernails. I admired the clever detail of the “dead end” sign in the back side window. Dan gets a thumbs up for creativity, for making a conversation starter, and for radical use of his time in my estimation. The horror genre is cohesive and he definitely cannot lose his car in the parking lot!

I gave him my website address and told Dan to watch for my post. 👋 Hola, Dan. Hope you’ll give this northern Minnesotan artist a real Fake Flamenco welcome in the comments!

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Part of Debbie’s Six Word Saturday.

Rebecca Cuningham

43 thoughts on “Too Much Time on His Hands

  1. If he had told you that he’s a grim reaper or punisher. I would have totally believed him.
    This is definitely creativity 😀
    How come you find such things always ? 😂
    I wonder what will happen if he ever gets bored.


  2. I enjoy horror and hayrides and if going to own a vehicle what’s stopping us from enjoying our vehicles to full potential. Wanted something unique and something that hasn’t been seen before so inspired by horror movies and pure enjoyment of hayrides the hellion was born.

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