February 2023 Poem of Friendship

Welcome to the second poetry challenge of the new year! We’ll continue the tradition of February verse to celebrate friendship. The Day of Love and Friendship is celebrated in México, Colombia, República Dominicana and Panamá. Your February challenge is to write a tanka poem about a dear person or companion animal. Where do you go together? What do you like to talk about or do? G-rated please.

Tanka format is five unrhymed lines, syllable count; 5-7-5-7-7.

Rebecca and Carolyn at the Olbrich Garden Tour Photo: Eagle


Want to go walking

by the lake or in a park?

swap garden stories

compare books we are reading

Or shall we boogie on zoom?

–Rebecca, 30 January 2023

The Challenge

Write a tanka poem in English or Spanish about a dear person or pet in English or Spanish. Deadline: Sunday, February 5, noon CST (GMT-6). G-rated please. If you are a blogger, please publish your poem on your website with the hashtag #ffpoemapop and link to this page by Feb. 5. If you are a poet at large, please post your poem below by February 5. I’ll publish a post with your poems and my matching translations next Tuesday, February 7th. Drop me a line with any questions. 

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Friends at a VO5 Concert. Photo: Rebecca

Febrero 2023 Poema de amistad

Estamos en el segundo Reto poético del año nuevo. Seguiremos la tradición de hacer versos para los amigos. El Día del amor y la amistad se celebra en México, Colombia, La República Dominicana y Panamá. Celebremos a un amigo o a una amiga. El reto de febrero es escribir un poema tanka sobre un amigo o una amiga. ¿Adónde van juntos? ¿Sobre que hablan? Para todas las audiencias, por favor.

El formato de Tanka es cinco líneas sin rimar, número de sílabas; 5-7-5-7-7.


¿Quieres caminar

en un parque con un lago

hablar del jardín

comparar libros leídos

o bailar en fiesta Zoom?

–Rebecca 30 enero 2023

El reto poético

Escribe un poema tanka sobre una persona o una mascota querida en libre verso en español o en inglés. Para todas las audiencias por favor. La fecha de entrega es el domingo 5 febrero, al mediodía (Chicago) (GMT-6). Si tengas tu propio sitio web, favor de publicar el poema en tu blog con la etiqueta #ffpoemapop y haz un enlace a este artículo antes del 5 febrero. Escritores que sean damas y caballeros andantes, favor de añadir tu poema a los comentarios abajo antes del 5 febrero. ¡Publicaré un artículo con sus poemas y las traducciones mías correspondientes el próximo martes, 7 febrero! Consúltame con cualquier duda. 

¡Olé! –Rebecca

This post also brought to you by Cee’s Flower of the day.

Rebecca Cuningham

54 thoughts on “February 2023 Poem of Friendship

  1. Well, I think I just squeeze in under the wire, Rebecca. Better late than never!

    My new pal next door –
    a puppy, keen to caper,
    play, frisk, frolic, jump.
    Life is new and life is fun.
    Old age is for tomorrow.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We have been away, visiting friends and family. it was a long road trip and I missed your challenge. We’re in the Netherlands at the beginning of next month – for my birthday! However the plan for that trip is to stay mainly in one place, so I should have a better chance of writing something.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Good day, writer Rebecca! My Sunday morning writing time was too brief to pen you some lines, but I enjoyed reading your packed post and I greatly appreciate your personal invitation to join the poetic lineup. My intentions are pure but I seem to fall short with prompts. Apologies. I will continue to appreciate, of course. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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