6 Snowmobiles Travel from Point A…

Driving up to Duluth two weekends ago, we saw many vehicles pulling trailers of snowmobiles. Below are two standard trailers.

Yellow Snowmobiles. Photo: R, Cuningham
Two Red Snowmobiles. Photo: R. Cuningham

The third really turned our heads. Whoa, on top of the pickup truck bed?!?

Truck Top Snowmobile Carrier. Photo: R. Cuningham

When I was a teenager, my younger cousin took me for a spin on his Arctic Cat. We sped across the ice of a frozen lake. He let me drive; I would have needed more time than one day to master the controls. Speeding over the snow is a memory I cherish; our ice motorcycle adventure.
Have you driven a snowmobile or motorcycle?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Part of Debbie’s Six Word Saturday.

Friendship poems for the February Poetry Challenge due Sunday. See the post for details.

Rebecca Cuningham

29 thoughts on “6 Snowmobiles Travel from Point A…

      1. Well, a jetski is a small boat with a flat surface underneath. A snowmobile has rotating tracks like construction equipment or a tank, to grab the snow. The front has two skis to steer. The first vehicle would be motionless on the ice, the second would sink in the water!


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