How Much Does Geology Rock?

A tremendous amount, as I’m sure you’re very well aware. Stones contain important raw materials, like minerals and gems. We had the good fortune of visiting a friend at the UW Geology Department today. Eagle has picked this science as the subject for their school research paper.

Obsidian. Photo: R. Cuningham, thanks to UW Geology
Rock Molecular Models. Photo: R. Cuningham, thanks to UW Geology

I like agates and malachite. What’s your favorite type of rock?

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Rebecca Cuningham

50 thoughts on “How Much Does Geology Rock?

  1. I love geology. One of my favourite ‘pictures’ in this room is my large scale map of the geology of the UK, which has been with me everywhere since I was 16. So fascinating to pore over! Nope, no favourite rock. But limestone is the big thing round here, so we’ll go with that. Lucky Eagle, to study it at school!

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    1. The geology map sound fascinating. I bought one of Texas for a geologist friend and she hung it on her wall too. Limestone is a good choice. Each spring the school asks the kids to do an independent research project. It’s a wonderful learning process.

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  2. In college (sixty-some years ago), I took an introductory geology course (which was open to everyone) and I tried to take a geomorphology course the next semester, but I wasn’t accepted because I had decided not to major in Geology. I still find geomorphology fascinating, however.

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  3. When my girls were small there was a rock fascination. We had to get a rock and minerals magazine with a small sample every month. I am sure there is a container with those samples around here somewhere. I have a lovely turquoise/blue rock here on my place

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  4. I like obsidian, but also haematite. The thought of these rocks being forged in the fires of the Earth then rising as liquids to cool on the surface is so wonderful.
    Of course, other rocks that we call gems are wonderful, too. I like amethyst.

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  5. We are big fans! One of our favourite rock places to visit is the Rock Room (not its real name) at the Natural History Museum in London – we visit (several times) whenever we are in town visiting family.

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