February 2023 Friendship Poetry Challenge

We have a wonderful collection of poems about friendship for this month. Poets from seven countries wrote tankas about two-, four- and eight-legged friends. I enjoyed their verses and points of view very much. The writers would love to hear from you in the comments below. Read under the balloon flowers for the February friendship tankas, in the order they were received.

Febrero 2023 Reto poético de poesía acerca de la amistad

Tenemos una colección maravillosa de poemas acerca de la amistad este mes. Poetas de siete países escribieron tangas de sus amigos de dos, cuatro, e incluso ocho pies. Disfruté mucho de sus versos y sus puntos de vista. A los escritores les gustaría recebir tus comentarios en la cajita más adelante. Lee despues de las florecitas moradas para las tankas de amistad de este mes.

Balloon flowers Photo: R. Cuningham


They sit in rockers
watching birds from the lanai
as I sit nearby
smiling at my two great loves
 my wife and our cat together

–Lou Faber    

En mecedoras
observando pájaros
las observo yo
sonrisa a mis amores
mi esposa y mi gata
–Lou Faber (traducción por Rebecca)



Today, I called you
just to say hello and chat
about life and stuff.
It was a small moment, but
those small moments make a life.

Hoy te llamé, hola
para conversar de la
vida y cosas.
Un momento pequeño
en que está hecha la vida.
–Katie (traducción por Rebecca)




You wish to live here,
in my bath tub. Black star, still.
I show you the door.
Faithful spider companion,
you always find your way back!    
– Britta Benson

(See Britta’s website for the expanded version)

Te gusta vivir
astro negro en bañera 
te despido al diario
Compañera araña fiel
¡Siempre vuelves a mis pies!
– Britta Benson (traducción por Rebecca

Bleeding heart Photo: R. Cuningham


I love him, no doubt
While Sitting comfortably
In cozy silence
Words deemed unnecessary
Heart speaks to heart quietly

Sin duda le amo
Los dos sentaditos
En silencio
Palabras no hacen falta
Corazones se hablan
–Sadje (traducción por Rebecca)



My Tribe

Dedicated to the community of her Hebrew faith

Always in my heart
Providing hope at all times
Acts of sweet kindness
Comfort coming from many
My tribe makes this easier

Mi tribu
Dedicado a la comunidad de su fe hebreo

En mi corazón
Fuente de mi esperanza
bondadosa acción
Cuidado de mi tribu
la vida facilita
–Lauren (traducción por Rebecca)



In our younger days
We were always Valentines 
This year I don’t know
Who your heart is yearning for
But you’re still my number one

–Cognac Project

Como jóvenes
Valentines éramos
Este año no sé

Con quien late tu corazón
Eres mi número uno.
–Cognac Project (traducción por Rebecca)

Kids and Families Sledding Photo: R. Cuningham


Talks about meeting
In our sweet homes, mine or yours?
The Golden days past,
In classrooms or on playgrounds?
Walking ‘with’ life hand in hand!

¿Reunamos hoy
en mi casa o la tuya?
días dorados
en aulas y recreos
mano en mano por vida
–Vidah (traducción por Rebecca)



trusting gentle ears
unmeasured words fall asleep
~ around you is home
lily on muddy waters
serene while life splashes rain 

Oídos confiables
Palabras sin medirlas
Estás en casa
Lilia en agua turbia
serena, lluvia o no

Sangeetha (traducción por Rebecca)



My new pal next door –
a puppy, keen to caper,
play, frisk, frolic, jump.
Life is new and life is fun.
Old age is for tomorrow.

Amigo vecino
Un cachorro travieso
listo para brincar
La vida es nueva, alegre
La vejez, más tarde
–Margaret (traducción por Rebecca)

Love U Art. E. Wedell


Being one with self
Counting soul burdens kin to
hummingbird flutters.
Honoring past victories,
foibles, loss, as sacrament.

– Suzette     

Sentirse entera
Alma que pesa como
Aleteo picaflor
Honrar triumfo anterior
Sacramento de debilidades
– Suzette (traducción por Rebecca)



Pippa – my dear friend
together we did it all
walks and cuddles shared
you were always there for me
without you I am bereft

–Nope Not Pam, 
tribute to her dog Pippa, RIP

Pippa – amiga fiel
juntas hicimos todo
andar y arrumacos
me apoyaste siempre
sin ti estoy desolada.

–Nope Not Pam, hablando de su perro (traducción por Rebecca)


Happy Day of Love and Friendship! Enjoy your day with those close to your heart next week. Which of these descriptions of friendship moved you?

¡Feliz día de amor y amistad! Disfruta del día junto con los seres amados la próxima semana. ¿Cuales de estas descripciones poéticas te tocaron el corazón?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

49 thoughts on “February 2023 Friendship Poetry Challenge

  1. Well the perfect example of friendship is this.
    Where people are working on a common thing.
    Loved it.
    I know some of the names from these list of extremely talented poets.
    I love this idea of yours. It brings people together. This is friendship 🔆

    Keep sharing and thanks

    Liked by 4 people

      1. Well, heroines will be a great topic, but I am not likely to do a long form poem because the post will be excessively lengthy with 10+ participants. Maybe you could host a short story challenge.


      2. I think you have a good core following and will gain more over time. You and friendly and communicative to new and to established bloggers. Comments are the life’s blood of blogging. I think people with newly minted websites might think that liking or following the most blogs might be the way to go, but you know that it is all about forging relationships. Taking the time to comment is something you are good at that a newcomer could learn from.


      3. I really love decent comments.
        I’ve tried to comment on other’s work to get to know them. But, when I see that they are not responding, I stop.
        There are some who’s work I don’t miss. While other’s I miss 😛.
        I would appreciate more comments, I will try my old method to get some. Let’s see if it works.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. We all seem to have taken such very different subjects as our loved ones here. And despite all using the same form, all so very different. A lovely moment, sitting here , just reading each one with its translation. Well done again, Rebecca!

    Liked by 1 person

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