200+ Ice Luminaries Brighten the Night

Neighborhood artists have sparked a new tradition these past three years. In February, word goes out over the local listserve to freeze water in balloons and in plastic containers for the luminaries. The results are mystical and glowing. Last weekend the Fire and Ice event was well attended Saturday and Sunday. Here are a few glow pots I liked best.

Park Entrance Photo: R. Cuningham
Ice Glass Photo: R. Cuningham
Circle Luminary
Ice Bundt Cake Luminary Photo: R. Cuningham
Floral Ice Luminary Photo: R. Cuningham

Trashcan Ice? Photo: R. Cuningham
Caterpillar Toadstool Luminary Photo: R. Cuningham
Snow Person Ice Luminary Photo: R. Cuningham
Cylindrical Ice Luminary. Photo: R. Cuningham
Snowy Path with Luminaries Photo: R. Cuningham
Luminaries into the Night Photo: R. Cuningham

Luminary creation is open to anyone in the neighborhood who’d like to join in the fun. The outside icebox is mighty handy in freezing the shapes. People are very creative with the receptacles they use in luminary formation.

Thanks to Jeannette Deloya, Lia Vellardita and all the organizers of this event! It was a marvelous and magical experience.

Have you made luminaries with sand in bags with candles or electric candles?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Rebecca Cuningham

56 thoughts on “200+ Ice Luminaries Brighten the Night

  1. I recall you had blogged about this in previous winters? Nevertheless, this is ingenious! Unfortunately, it’s not cold enough to do this here in California, but it certainly makes for a wonderful sight in your part of the US– wish I could go to experience it!

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