Have I Seen Snowdrops in February?

Last Sunday we took a brisk walk around the block after dinner. As we approached our place, I saw a touch of green and white.

Snowdrop and Vinka. Photo: R. Cuningham

A snowdrop! In Madison, they bloom in March. The earliest date I have on my calendar for them is March 6, 2020! The photo above was taken February 19.

However, nature called a do over; more snow has fallen. February 24, the ground looks like this:

Snowy Ground Photo: R. Cuningham

The snowdrops are ready and waiting for the next thaw and burst of sun. How do I record this on the calendar?

Any blooms indoors or outdoors where you live?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Part of Debbie’s Six Word Saturday and oCee’s Flower of the Day.


Rebecca Cuningham

47 thoughts on “Have I Seen Snowdrops in February?

  1. This is snowdrop central here. We have thousands and thousands within 5 minutes of our house. A single footfall in the wrong place would squash two dozen or more. The first appearance this year was on January 7th. They are just past their best, and I think will be gone in under a fortnight now. They’re such a wonderful addition to the yearly round.

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  2. Apost from another Madisonian on 2/12/23. “Front yard. These are the daffies I buried under leaves prior to the last deep freeze and 8″ snowfall. About 2.5-3”

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