March 2023 Poetry Challenge

In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, let’s write a poem about a woman we admire. (Thanks to Devang for suggesting this theme!) She can be a heroine from daily life; mother, spouse, friend or family. She can be someone whose work we’ve admired from afar. You can choose someone who’s passed on or still living. Key: a free verse poem up to 40 words, rated G.

Maya Angelou

Saving up words
Through childhood
Fled her cage singing
Phenomenal woman’s
Cabaret for Freedom
Writing life herself
Poetic morning President’s inauguration
Forging a more just nation
Verse by verse by verse.
Her song flung up to heaven.

–Rebecca Cuningham, 4 March 2023

You have until Sunday, March 12 noon CST to add your poem to the comments below or on your website with a link here. Please use the challenge tag: ffpoemapop. Poems and translations into Spanish or English will be published March 14.

¡Olé! –Rebecca

PS For more on this fabulous poet see Maya Angelou.

Maya Angelou 2012 Photo: Elon University

Reto poético de marzo 2023

En honor del Día internacional de la mujer y Mes de la historia femenina, escribiremos poemas sobre una mujer que admiramos. Puede ser tu madre, pareja, amiga o de tu familia. Puede ser alguien quien admiremos desde lejos su trabajo en el mundo. Escoge alguien que esté viva o fallecida. Importante: un poema en verso libre de sólo hasta 40 palabras, para todas las audiencias.

Maya Angelou
Ahorrando palabras
Por su niñez
Escapó su jaula cantando
Mujer fenomenal
Cabaret por libertad
Escribiendo su vida
Mañana poética de inauguración presidencial
Forjando una nación más justa
Verso por verso por verso
Su canción tirada al cielo.

–Rebecca Cuningham, 4 marzo 2023

Tienes hasta el 12 marzo para colocar tu poema en los comentarios abajo o en tu sitio web con un enlace. Favor de usar la etiqueta: ffpoemapop. El 14 marzo publicaré los poemas y sus traducciones. 

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Maya Angelou Quarter Photo: US Mint
Rebecca Cuningham

55 thoughts on “March 2023 Poetry Challenge

  1. Nice capture of Maya Angelous. Good work! She knew at a young age that words had power. I remember how she got in trouble for saying “By the way,” learning …that it had a religious meaning for her grandmother.

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    She is 15
    She tells
    the congregation
    why she went
    to the Capitol,
    explaining to aides
    why her body
    is hers
    and not that
    of nine robed
    people she
    has never met,
    to preserve
    her freedom.

    (To all the young Jewish teens who traveled to Washington D.C. to lobby congress on issues important to them and their faith.)

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  3. Mujer fuiste creada de una costilla/pero en el corazón tienes morada./ Mi maestra de principios y aciertos./ Mami, extraño tus chistes y consejos. / Cruel enfermedad venció tu cuerpo maltrecho. / Mamita del alma mía hoy, / celebró tu vida con agradecimiento.

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  4. Missed CST noon – I am on PST time. 😁
    Thank you for the opportunity to highlight an amazing woman.

    Here is my contribution to your poetry challenge:

    Her class rankings and Law Review positions,
    if held by a man would surely impress;
    she was finally hired as a clerk with
    a U.S. District Judge who
    begrudgingly said yes.
    She walked away
    from lesser pay
    in the United States
    to research and write in
    a foreign land, then came
    back even more determined.
    As a professor, she became the first
    woman at Columbia to earn tenure.
    A satisfying and secure path, a solid career,
    but she was just beginning her justice journey
    where she would stand and speak up for the many
    who faced gender discrimination; the cases were plenty.
    Her steely mind and steadfast resolve allowed her to transcend
    discrimination and ascend steps leading to the highest court in the land.
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg (March 15, 1933-September 18, 2020)
    Rest in Peace Notorious RBG

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      1. I am so glad. 😊 Thank you for having patience with me. That’s why I don’t typically do prompts, but I wanted to contribute. Will do my best with yours when able. 😊

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