March 8; International Women’s Day. No more.

Susan Schaefer is a journalist and poet. I’ve been lucky enough to know this dynamic, intellectual woman since she and my dad were colleagues when I was a teenager. I was flattered when she followed my website. I smiled for a week when she joined the December poetry challenge. Susan Schaefer is gracing our site with another poem, this one to call attention to March 8th. (Poema en español bajo la foto.)

Here’s her introduction to her Women’s Day poem she read at an international event. “In 2005, I was honored to be invited to Brussels, Belgium as the European Union Parliament’s keynote speaker at their Women’s Information Network‘s  (WIN) International Woman’s Day forum. I authored this poem and created the accompanying short video as the introduction to my speech. “

International Women’s Day. No more.

International Woman’s Day. No more?

We’re ancestors, 




We are friends. 

We are lovers. 

We are wives.

We are scholars.

We’re graduates. 

We are mothers. 

We are mentors 

and caregivers. 

We’re outrageous. 

We are courageous. 

We are creative. 

We are leaders, 

we are workers, 

and we pray 


we won’t need a day. 

By Susan Schaefer

Click below for the spoken word video with great photos


Have a wonderful women’s day tomorrow. Time to share our hearts with our international sisters. You are valuable and I appreciate you.

¡Olé! –Rebecca

PS For a peek at the author, she’s the woman in the cap and gown on the right in the front of the procession in the video. 😉 R

Peruvian woman and child Photo: Katie Bordner

Día internacional de mujeres, no más

Día internacional de mujeres, ¿no más?

Somos ancestros,




Somos amigos.

Somos amantes.

Somos esposas.

Somos estudiantes.

Somos graduadas.

Somos madres.

Somos mentoras

y cuidadoras.

Somos escandalosas.

Somos valientes.

Somos creativas.

Somos líderes.

Somos obreras,

y rezamos

que algún día

un día nuestro no nos hará falta.

–Susan Schaefer (traducción por Rebecca)

Rebecca Cuningham

45 thoughts on “March 8; International Women’s Day. No more.

      1. So did I. I wasn’t in the US. I was too young anyway. I’d actually never heard of Woodstock until a friend took me to see the movie. Cold December night in the Latin Quarter where I was a student. I came out dazed…


  1. It’s a great point, but I still encounter imbedded attitudes that call for a reminder. You would think we were long past the cringe-worthy First Woman of “Paradise Lost” — until you remember that our Supreme Court Magisterium has dictated women’s bodies belong to the state.

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