Whatsoever is Lovely: Flowers in Pink

I admire flowers in a rainbow of hues. Am I a “pink person” I’ve been asked in all seriousness. Well, pink and purple and blue and green and… How about you?

Pink Flower Photos: R. Cuningham

Are you in the pink? Or is green or blue more your style?

Check back tomorrow for the March writing challenge poems.

¡Olé! –Rebecca

This post is part oCee’s Flower of the Day, Whatsoever is Lovely by XingfuMama, and #naturephotochallenge


Rebecca Cuningham

53 thoughts on “Whatsoever is Lovely: Flowers in Pink

      1. Wow, it really is 16 hours between Brisbane and Chicago. Just checked. That was my guess-timate yesterday. Looks like we’re rarely in the same day! No apologies needed about the timing of your rely, sometimes we have to eat and sleep. 🙂

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  1. Thanks for entering my nature photo challenge with these lovely pictures Rebecca. For me the ants on the peony stand out. Such an intriguing picture with that slash of pink amidst the greenery, and three ants giving it some movement.

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