5 Playful Portents of Spring

A poem for Spring

Green shoots reach from the ground testing the air

Gathering sun and rain

Blessing us with their promise to bloom

Cinco portentos de la primavera y un poema

Un poema de primavera

Tallas verdes extienden de la tierra probando el aire

Colectando sol y lluvia

Regalándonos con su promesa de florecer


¡Mi bici! My bike!

First Bike Trail Sand Photo: R. Cuningham

Looking forward to your words and photos about spring.

Háblame de tiempo en tu región 🙂

¡Olé! –Rebecca 

 Nature Photo Challenge #5: Signs of Spring

Reto fotográfico de la naturaleza: portentos de la primavera

Rebecca Cuningham

44 thoughts on “5 Playful Portents of Spring

  1. Green shoots ‘testing the air’ – I love that image! That’s exactly what it feels like. Personally, I’m not entirely sure if it’s worth while coming out of hibernation yet… but that’s perhaps just the Scottish weather playing havoc with my spring feelings…

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      1. I will surely check it out.

        As you say it’s fictional. I will consider it for sure.
        I have been reading too much of self help books and now I’m bored.

        India, china, USA and few more countries have to do something about the climate change.
        India is among top polluters of the world.

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