0 Days Left of Ice Fishing

Lake Mendota as seen from my bicycle.

Spring Lake
Ice fishing houses gone
first dark patches
on grainy ice
give way to movement
webbed mallard feet
through open waters

–Rebecca Cuningham, March 25, 2023

Lake Mendota Ice Melt Photo: Rebecca Cuningham

0 días mas para pescar por el hielo

El lago Mendota como lo vi por bicicleta.

Lago en primavera
Quitaron las casitas de pescar por el hielo
primeros lugares oscuros
en hielo granulado
se convierten en movimiento
patas palmeadas de azulón
por aguas abiertas

–Rebecca Cuningham, 25 marzo 2023

¿Cuál es el cambio con la estación que más te gusta ver?

Which change of season are you happy to see?

¡Olé! –Rebecca

Part of Debbie’s Six Word Saturday and Hammad’s Weekend Sky.

Shore of Lake Mendota Photo: R. Cuningham
Rebecca Cuningham

39 thoughts on “0 Days Left of Ice Fishing

  1. Bet you’re dying to see Spring now but as you mentioned, more snow.

    On the road again and currently in Japan heading to the north of the country. The further north, the colder it’s getting – supposed to be Spring…Stockholm on the 26th of April so hoping it will be warmer (she says!). 😉

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      1. Yes, Brisbane is our home base and we’ve been there since arriving and getting stuck there due to COVID in 2020. Our first OS trip since then!
        We last set out in 2014 so travelling lasted 6 years but in Italy for 4. 😉

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      2. It’s great and I love being on the road again – must have been a nomadic person in a past life. 😉 Left Australia on the 3rd of March with 4 nights in Singapore then the rest in Japan.
        Any travel plans on your radar?

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      3. Or you are one in this life! Staying close to home here until our travel fund builds again. Looking forward to working in the garden this summer. Flowers make the world new.


      1. Sounds like winter’s not quite done yet… It’s the same here. We get glimpses of spring, and whenever we feel like yay, this is it, the weather changes again. Hopefully, we get there soon. I am looking forward to a bit of sunshine.

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      1. Must be.

        As you my remember
        My city is called Lake city

        Here people cycle around lakes

        But for me it’s kinda far, like 7-9 kms, so I never thought of going their just to cycle.

        You can rent cycle, still going there just to ride cycle in between of unwanted crowd is not my glass of water.

        I prefer being alone for such peaceful activity.

        And from tomorrow I’ll go for cycling in early morning ( If I get up on time)

        Only thing I can find on road then would be
        Cows, dogs and newspaper delivery guys 😆

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      2. Thanks for reminding me you also live in a city of lakes. Eagle and I were nearly alone on the paths, there were only a few pedestrians. Hope you are able to complete your cycling plan. Sounds great. Yesterday, my exercise was snow shoveling again. Good aerobic activity!


  2. Lovely poem and photographs, Rebecca. Southerner that I am, I just can’t get my head around sitting on a frozen body of water to fish through a hole. I’m just too cold-natured! LOL!

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