Color Before the Snow

We saw several little crocus on our walk before the snow. They’re wrapped up in a blanket now.

Purple Crocus. Photo: R. Cuningham
White Crocus. Photo: R. Cuningham
Yellow Crocus. Photo: R. Cuningham

Which color is your favorite?
¡Olé! –Rebecca

This post is part oCee’s Flower of the Day, Whatsoever is Lovely by XingfuMama.


Rebecca Cuningham

54 thoughts on “Color Before the Snow

      1. Oh Rebecca, spring is here in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The temperatures should hit 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit (about 15-21 celsius) this weekend. I haven’t seen a lot of flower buds yet, but I suspect they’ll be coming out this week. It wasn’t a bad winter, but still glad to see spring on its way!!!!

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  1. Me and my father got some plants last week
    We have white and purple color of that flower
    Now we have orange, pink as well.

    Also we got yellow rose.
    Now we have yellow rose, orange rose and red/pink rose.

    Also we have lily, but now their season is over
    We have pink and purple lily.

    Now that temp is rising only few will show flowers

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  2. You asked which color was my favorite. I’m torn! Each one is my favorite when I look at it! I know you’re happy to see the promise of spring where you live! Spring makes my heart sing!

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  3. Crocus blooms are so delicate and I am sure will pop their heads up again after the snow. Unbelievably we have snow in parts of the country in March, which is early Autumn. Crazy weather.

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      1. You know I can’t resist a flower, or much else about nature. 🌳 The citrus trees are budding and smelling heavenly. I will be in Denver for a few days but hope to get out next week and capture some wildflowers before they disappear, until next year. 🌻

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