Y’all Gotta See This License Plate

I was on the road to pick up Eagle, when I saw this license plate on a car at a stop light. Reminded me happily of my decade in Texas. I decided i was fixin’ to write a six word Saturday post all about it!

Fixin’ To… Photo: R. Cuningham

I can’t believe it’s a Wisconsin license plate!

Part of Debbie’s Six Word Saturday.

What are you fixin’ to do this weekend?

¡Olé! –Rebecca 

Rebecca Cuningham

25 thoughts on “Y’all Gotta See This License Plate

  1. I love it! Being from North Carolina, I squinted to see if it was a North Carolina license plate. Too bad I can’t afford a vanity license plate. That’s a winner!


  2. I forgot to thank you for spelling y’all correctly. It’s surprising how many people — even southerners — put the apostrophe in the wrong place! It’s one of my pet peeves.


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